Lodi Dynasty

Bahlol Lodi removed the last ruler of Sayyid dynasty in 1451 and founded Lodi dynasty.
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Lodi dynasty was the last dynasty of Delhi Sultanate. Bahlol Lodi was its founder.

Bahlol Lodi

Bahlol Lodi removed the last ruler of Sayyid dynasty in 1451 and founded Lodi dynasty. He was the governor of Sirhind and a good soldier. He tried to recover Jaunpur and the surrounding territories and was successful in it. He had married the daughter of Hindu goldsmith of Sirhind and their child was Sikandar Lodi wwho succeeded Bahlol Lodi as the new sultan in 1489.

Sikandar Lodi

Sikandar Lodi ruled from 1489 to 1517. He tried to establish the lost supremacy of Delhi sultanate by subduing the kings of Bengal, Chanderi, Bihar, Gwalior, Awadh and Bundelkhand.

The highlights of Sikandar Lodi’s regime are as following:

• In 1503, he set up the city of Agra and in 1506 took away his capital from Delhi to Agra.

• He destroyed Hindu temples and imposed Jaziya on Hindus.

• He attacked Gwalior fort five times but each time he was defeated by Raja Mansingh.

• He died in 1517 and was succeeded by Ibrahim Lodi.

Ibrahim Lodi

He was a brave king but failed to understand the requirement of a good administrator. There was rebellion from all side during his regime. Darya khan led the rebels of Jaunpur and Oudh.  Dalaut Khan rebelled in Punjab. Rana Sanga was also becoming more powerful in Mewar.

Ibrahim lodhi became so unpopular among his noblemen that his uncle Aalam Khan ran away to Kabul and invited Babur to launch an attack on India. Babur soon attacked India and defeated Ibrahim Lodhi.

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