Myth Or Reality: Can The Left Or Right Brain Hemispheres Determine Personality?

It’s often said that left-brained people are logical while right-brained people are creative. But is there any truth to the theory? Read on to find out.
Myth Or Reality: Can The Left Or Right Brain Hemispheres Determine Personality?
Myth Or Reality: Can The Left Or Right Brain Hemispheres Determine Personality?

Left-brained people are logical and right-brained people are creative is something most people have heard some time in their life. People often tend to attribute personality traits to the two centres of the brain: left and right. Individuals with a dominant left hemisphere, called left-brained people, are said to be analytical and logical, while those with a dominant right hemisphere, called right-brained people, are said to be creative and free-spirited.

This is a common belief which is exploited by authors, motivational coaches, and even psychologists to identify people’s personality traits. But is there any truth to this theory? And does the brain even have a dominant half? Today, we take a look at facts and myths surrounding left- and right-brained people.

What is the left brain and right brain theory?

While it is true that the brain has two halves which both serve different purposes, there is no dominant hemisphere. The split-brain theory was first suggested by American neurobiologist Roger W. Sperry. He shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology with David Hunter Hubel and Torsten Nils Wiesel for research on the split-brain.

Sperry’s findings remain true to this day with the exception of a few theories, like the connection between personality and brain hemispheres.

In popular culture, some of the personality traits associated with left- and right-brained people are as follows:









Detail and fact-oriented

Follows the heart





Unfortunately, as relatable as these personality traits may appear, the theory is outdated. Using modern technology, neuroscientists have proved that the human brain doesn’t favour any side of the brain. Both the left and right parts of the brain control different functions in the body but work in tandem.

They communicate with each other but can also function independently. However, there is no link between the brain hemispheres and personality. Hence, the assumption that right-brained people are creative and left-brained people are logical is a myth.

The Left And Right Hemispheres Of The Brain

The left and right halves of the brain may not play a role in deciding the personality, but they do have some individual functions. The right half of the brain controls the left part of the body and vice versa.

Neither side is universally dominant; no brain function is exclusive to either side, but sometimes one side takes preference over the other. Below we’ve listed some of the aspects in which a particular side of the brain is more dominant.


The right side of the brain is more active in generating and processing emotional responses.


Language processing and speech production are carried out primarily in the left brain. The two main cortical areas responsible for speech, Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area, are located in the left hemisphere.

Hand preference

People who are right-handed or left-handed tend to have differences in their respective brain hemispheres. Their minds function differently, but they still use both sides of the brain.

Take Away

The human brain is one of the most complex things in the world. Even with today’s advanced technology, scientists struggle to fully figure out the functioning of the brain. It’s immature to group people into two categories based on a theory that has now been proven untrue. The two halves of the brain can be dominant in some situations, but they mostly complement each other.

And as for personalities, some people are simply more inclined towards the arts, while others happen to be logic-oriented. Childhood and genes remain the predominant factors that determine someone’s personality.

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