Cheese Personality Test: What Does Your Favourite Type Of Cheese Say About You?

Your favourite type of cheese can reveal a lot about your personality.
Cheese Personality Test: What Does Your Favourite Type Of Cheese Say About You?
Cheese Personality Test: What Does Your Favourite Type Of Cheese Say About You?

Cheese Personality Test: Unless you’re lactose intolerant, chances are you consume cheese on a regular basis. It’s one of the most delicious foods in the world and is even a staple diet in some countries. France, Italy, and Switzerland are famous for their mouth-watering variety of cheeses like mozzarella and swiss cheese, while a local type of cottage cheese, paneer, is popular in the Indian subcontinent.

Due to its varying tastes and textures, cheese appeals to people in different ways. Some like the hard varieties, while others like the cheeses that instantly melt in the mouth. The type of cheese you prefer to eat can reveal a lot about your personality. Read on to find out what your favourite cheese says about you.

1. Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is one of the most popular types of cheese in the world and probably the first image that comes to mind when one thinks of cheese. If Swiss cheese is your favourite, it indicates that you are traditional. You have trouble letting go of your views and adapting to change. You are old-school and value nostalgia. However, you are adventurous and excitable. Because of your quirky personality, you appeal to people and make friends easily.

2. Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is an Italian-origin cheese that’s a vital ingredient for pizzas. The soft, grated cheese that, upon melting, provides that smooth flavour to pizza is mozzarella. If that’s your favourite, you are a true pizza lover. You are also sophisticated in nature and like to live modestly. You don’t get worked up easily, and your easygoing attitude makes you a great friend and partner.

3. Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan is a hard Italian cheese produced from cows' milk and aged for at least 12 months. It’s called the "King of Cheeses" because of its rich flavour and laborious production. Parmesan lovers have good taste and high standards. You are not easily impressed and strive for perfection. You appreciate food and are an excellent cook yourself. You are opinionated and organised in life. You tend to keep your home, car, and office neat and tidy. You are difficult to please but are still considerate of others and thrive in social settings.

4. American Cheese

American Cheese

American cheese is a processed cheese developed in America in the early 20th century and is known for its salty flavour and low melting point. It’s used in burgers and sandwiches. American cheese is not known for being healthy but is quite delicious nonetheless. If you like American cheese, you are lively and outgoing. You are a sports fan. You are also content with life and happy to follow others. You have a sweet disposition and love to hang out with friends.

5. Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is a hard English cheese and one of the most popular cheeses in the world. Cheddar lovers are aware and contemporary. You like to stay true to traditions but also keep an open mind when charting new territory. You are dependable and trustworthy. You are also adaptable and get along with almost everyone. You’re the type of person people count on to get things done. You also have an impressive personality and are a joy at parties.

6. Feta

Feta Cheese

Feta is a Greek cheese made from sheep’s milk. It’s called "the princess of cheeses" and is the third most popular cheese in the world after mozzarella and cheddar. Feta is also one of the healthiest cheeses, and if it's your favourite, it means you care about your health. You like to work out, eat well, and keep fit. You also prefer to be independent but are full of energy and enthusiasm. You have a high level of creativity and don’t care much for others’ opinions about you.

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Cheese is a delicacy that you can relish alone or pair up with other foods. Cheese can also reveal your dominant personality traits. Hopefully, you found this article informative and fun. Keep reading Jagran Josh for more such insightful content, and check out similar personality test articles below.

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