Paint Colour Personality Test: What Does Your Favourite Paint Colour Say About You?

Your home interior colour is a reflection of your personality, as per studies. Read on to learn what your favourite paint colour says about your personality.
Paint Colour Personality Test
Paint Colour Personality Test

Colours play a significant role in our daily lives. Everyone has their favourite colours, which, as per studies, are a reflection of one’s personality.

Don’t believe it? Ask yourself, have you ever felt your mood change when you enter someone’s house? Sometimes it changes for the worse, while other times, you immediately calm down. And why do some rooms make you feel sleepy while others scare you?

It’s all about the colours. And the shades you like may be detested by other people, and vice versa. Personality and paint colour are closely interlinked. Sure, the content of the rooms matters as well, but mostly it’s the wall paint colour that catches your eye first and affects the mood.

Some people are drawn to cool or neutral shades, while others prefer glitzy and vibrant hues. But have you ever wondered why that is? The answer, again, is due to your personality.

Your favourite colour, be it of your shirt, car, or bedroom wall, can reveal a lot about your personality and character traits. On that note, we bring you this fun personality test on paint colours. Read on to find out what the colours of your walls say about you.

1. Warm Colours

Warm Colours

The colours at the origin of the rainbow are called warm colours. These are mainly red, orange, yellow, pink, and all their shades. Like the title of their type, warm colours symbolise warmth. They evoke feelings of happiness and friendliness.

Warm paints indicate that the room is inviting and full of positive energy. People who prefer red, orange, and yellow have a welcoming nature and love social interaction. If you identify as such, you like meeting new people, bonding, and forming close relationships. You are also most likely an extrovert but can also be a high-energy introvert.

Darker shades of warm colours indicate that you are adventurous and like to take risks, while the softer ones show that you are ambitious and more inclined toward people than heading on trips.

2. Cool Colours

Cool Colours

The colours at the other end of the spectrum on the rainbow are called cool colours. These include blue, violet, green, and their respective shades. Cool paints symbolise peace and comfort.

Rooms with walls painted with cool hues, especially blue, are relaxing and full of tranquillity. If you prefer cool such colours over others, chances are that you are an introvert. You aren’t really a people person, but you do enjoy the company of others from time to time. It all depends on your mood. However, you tend to retreat toward solitude when problems arise. That is your way of coming up with solutions.

You prefer alone time and would rather stay in and read a book than go out to party. You remain calm most of the time and like to dwell on philosophical thoughts. You love exploring the meaning of life and other abstract theories.

3. Neutral Colours

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are those that don’t catch the eye, like brown, grey, or black. The colours don’t have much glam to them and are quite low-key. If you like neutral colours, you are a practical person and play everything safe.

You don’t take sides, aren’t argumentative, and prioritise logic over feelings. You are highly analytical and always think about the long-term implications of your decisions. Your behaviour varies significantly. You can be outgoing and pleasant around some people and reserved or quiet around others. You also like to organise and make lists. You love to make plans and stick to them.

4. White Colour

White Colour

White is one of the most unique colours. But here’s a fun fact for you: white and black aren’t really colours, nor do they exist on the rainbow spectrum. White is defined as the colour of light or the sum total of all colours, while black is the exact opposite, the absence of light. In any case, while white is usually considered a neutral color, it deserves its own category.

The colour white symbolises peace, purity, and tranquillity. Most hospitals, shrines, and mindfulness centres have white walls. If you too would rather go with white than a glitzy colour, it shows that you value calmness and cleanliness in your life. You have a quiet nature and prefer to stay out of trouble. You also like to organise and enjoy time outdoors, especially in the sun. People who like the colour white also tend to have an appealing and positive personality.

Did you like this personality test about paint colours? Don't forget to tell us in the comments. And be sure to check out the following articles for more such insightful personality tests.


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