Myth or Reality: Green Tea Helps Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight

The consumption and production of green tea have experienced an exponential rise in recent years due to the belief that green tea helps burn fat and lose weight. Check whether the link between green tea and weight loss is a myth or reality.
Myth or Reality: Green Tea Helps Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight
Myth or Reality: Green Tea Helps Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight

Myth or Reality: Green tea is quickly becoming the favourite beverage of fitness enthusiasts. Green tea's popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to its supposedly miraculous health benefits.

One widespread belief about green tea is that its regular consumption aids in burning fat and losing weight. This is actually the leading reason behind the popularity of green tea. Today, we put this belief to the test.

Green tea is scientifically proven to be one of the healthiest beverages in the world, but does it really help in burning fat and losing weight? Read on to know if the link between green tea and weight loss is a myth or reality.

What is Green Tea?

The scientific name of the tea plant is Camellia sinensis. It is used to make several different types of tea, like black, oolong, and white tea. The texture and flavour of the tea depend on the processing level of the Camellia sinensis leaves. Black tea is heavily oxidised and much stronger in flavour than other varieties, while white tea is minimally processed. Green tea lies somewhere in the middle. It is prepared by steaming and pan-frying the Camellia sinensis leaves and buds. It contains less caffeine than other tea varieties and more antioxidants. Green tea is also unique for containing the components catechins and theanine.

What is Weight Loss?

All foods contain calories. A calorie is a unit for measuring how much energy a food product will generate. Everyone has a particular requirement for calories to sustain their lifestyle. People with a sedentary lifestyle require fewer calories than those who stay active.

When you consume more calories than required, the body stores the excess calories as fat to use in energy production. However, the body doesn’t  primarily use fat resources for energy purposes, and they remain stored as body fat, thus giving rise to obesity.

However, by restricting carbohydrate intake and reducing overall calorie consumption, your body is forced to tap into the fat cells for energy. This phenomenon varies from person to person, and some people can take months to lose a few kilos while others achieve that in mere weeks.

Green Tea Benefits

The popularity of green tea wouldn’t have sustained for so long if people didn’t find it useful. Green tea has polarised scientists for a long time, but studies have revealed that the beverage does offer many health benefits. Check out the benefits of green tea below.

  • Improves Oral Health: Green tea contains catechins, which check the growth of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Reduces risk of terminal diseases: Green tea is rich in polyphenols, which offer protection against terminal diseases like cancer, cardiovascular ailments, and diabetes and reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Improves Brain Function: Green tea contains brain-boosting compounds like caffeine and L-theanine. Caffeine is a prominent stimulant that regulates dopamine levels in the body and positively affects mood, alertness, and memory. L-theanine is an amino acid that relieves anxiety and promotes good sleep. The combination of theanine and caffeine in tea also works in tandem and complements each other’s positive effects.
  • Boosts metabolism: The human body is constantly burning calories to provide energy for digestion, respiration, and other involuntary processes. Some people burn more calories at rest and are said to possess a higher metabolism. Green tea is known to boost metabolism and promote fat breakdown even at rest.

Does Green Tea Help you Lose Weight?

Finally, we address the notion that green tea aids in fat-burning and weight loss. The Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) antioxidant present in green tea helps increase the hormone norepinephrine in the body. Norepinephrine promotes lipid breakdown in the body, releasing fatty acids in the body to be used for energy.

Caffeine is another stimulant that aids in fat burning. Green tea antioxidants, when combined with caffeine, create a synergistic effect that results in an improved mood and a significant release of norepinephrine in the body. The mood and metabolism-boosting effects of green tea also improve physical performance and promote fat loss during both exercise and rest.

So, it can be said that the belief that green tea helps in burning fat and losing weight is a reality and not a myth. However, green tea alone won’t turn you from fat to fab. To lose weight, you must eat a nutritious and balanced diet and exercise on a regular basis. Green tea is not a miracle cure that you can drink after binging on junk food all day and then expect a flat belly and 6-pack abs the next day. Green tea will only have a positive effect on disciplined individuals.


Green tea offers plenty of health benefits, including boosting metabolism, improving oral health, and preventing cancer and other deadly diseases. However, green tea alone won’t promote weight loss. If you indulge in cakes and burgers all day and then think you can lose weight by having a cup of green tea the next morning, you are headed in the wrong direction.

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