List of National Bodies and their related Ministries

The Constitution of India has the provision of the some constitutional and non- constitutional bodies. The list of constitutional bodies includes Election Commission, UPSC, National Commission for SCc and STs. Some national bodies like Finance Commission, Central Information Commission and Central Administrative Tribunal falls under the Ministry of Finance.
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National Bodies in India
National Bodies in India

A democratic country like India is run with the help of some constitutional and non constitutional bodies. These national commission or bodies follows the order of a specific ministry. Like Central Vigilance Commission falls under the Ministry of Personnel while National Commission for women follows the order of Ministry of Women and Child Development.

To understand the topic thoroughly let’ s have a look on the constitutional and non constitutional bodies in India.

List of Constitutional Bodies is;

1. National Commission for Schedule Castes

2. National Commission for Schedule Tribes

3. Comptroller and Auditor General of India

4. State Public Service Commission

5. Election Commission of India

6. Attorney General of India

7. Advocate General of the State

8. Finance Commission of India

9. Union Public Service Commission

10. Special Officer For Linguistic Minorities

List of Non Constitutional Bodies is

1. Niti Aayog

2. National Development Council

3. National Human Rights Commission

4. State Human Rights Commission

5. Central Information Commission

6. State Information Commission

7. Central Vigilance Commission

8. Central Bureau of Investigation

9. Lokpal and Lokayuktas

Let’s have a look on the national bodies and their respective ministries.


Falls under

1. Finance Commission

Ministry of Finance

2. Central Information Commission

Ministry of Personnel

3. Central Administrative Tribunal

Ministry of Personnel

4. Union Public Service Commission

Ministry of Personnel

5. Staff Selection Commission

Ministry of Personnel

6. Central Vigilance Commission

Ministry of Personnel

7. Central Bureau Of Investigation

Ministry of Personnel

8. Inter-State Council

Ministry of Home Affairs

9. Zonal Councils

Ministry of Home Affairs

10National Investigation Agency

Ministry of Home Affairs

11. National Human Right Commission  

Ministry of Home Affairs

12. Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities

Ministry of Minority Affairs

13. National Commission For Minorities

Ministry of Minority Affairs

14. National Commission for SCs

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

15. National Commission For Backward Classes

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

16. Central Commissioner For Disabled Persons

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

17. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

Ministry Of Women And Child Development

18. Central Social Welfare Board

Ministry of Women and Child Development

19. National commission for women

Ministry of Women and Child Development

20. National Commission for STs

Ministry Of Tribal Affairs

21. North Eastern Council

Ministry of Development of the North Eastern Region

So this was the important list of national bodies/ commission and their respective ministries. This list is very import for all the competitive exams to be held in India.

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