No Toll Plazas in India in the next 6 months: Know all about it here

The government is planning to remove all toll plazas across national highways in India in the coming days in order to reduce traffic congestion on the highways. What will happen to the FASTags? Know all about it here.
Centre Plans to Remove Toll Plaza in India
Centre Plans to Remove Toll Plaza in India

No More Toll Plazas on Indian Highways: The Central Government is mulling a plan to remove all the toll plazas from the National Highways in order to reduce traffic congestion on the highways.

The latest plan is to install cameras which will help in deducting the tax without the need for human intervention.

We will be looking at the reasons behind the new plan and what is the alternative plan that is being discussed by the Central Government.

Why such a step is being taken?

The Centre is thinking about removing toll plazas from national highways in order to reduce the traffic congestion that is being caused due to the long queue of cars near toll booths on the national highways.

Despite issuing more than 5.56 crore fast tags and more than 96% of tolls collected from the FASTag technology the congestion on national highways has not reduced significantly.

What is the alternate solution?

The alternate solution for this problem is the setting up of ANPR cameras. ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Reader which has the ability to read number plates.

How will the process work?

The cameras will be placed at the entry and exit points of toll roads. The ANPR cameras are capable of scanning the number plates of the cars and the toll tax will be deducted from the bank accounts of the respective vehicle owners.

However, there is a catch, only the number plates which were made after 2019 will be able to be picked up automatically by the cameras. 

To implement this system on a large scale the number plates on the existing cars need to be updated with the latest number plates to enable detection.

Nitin Gadkari also said that while such a system will take some time to implement, pilot studies are being carried out.

How it will benefit vehicle owners?

The vehicle owners will be benefitted due to quick release from the toll roads as there will be no need to stop the vehicle for making the payment.

This will reduce congestion and help in the smooth movement of vehicles on national highways.

Also, the toll charges will be reduced by half with the use of new technology.


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