Oh, the giraffes look so cute, but can you find the hidden parrot?

This beautiful picture is so endearing, it will make you doubt the beauty of the world of humans. Find the hidden parrot in the picture.
Find the hidden parrot!
Find the hidden parrot!

It is so peaceful to see animals of different kinds living in one habitat so peacefully. They coexist and manage just their own business without interfering with someone else’s. That is the beauty of the wild! Unless it involves predator-prey chase and hunt game or mischief, animals do not intervene much in others’ business. However, you can see their fraternity being displayed in times of crisis.


Let’s talk about this beautiful picture below.


Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)


Isn’t the picture simply beautiful? The sky looks like fresh tomatoes. The beautiful orange tint merges well with the azure sky as if two worlds are shaking hands. 


The green trees stand like strong guards of heaven. It seems as if they express the fact that they have been here for eons, and that they are proud of their royal jungle. And oh, did you notice that some of their branches are secretly attempting to touch the sky?


The grass! The fresh grass is like the most adorable lover of the sky. Every day, it bathes with dew, and comes to look at the beautiful sky and changes its color every moment in sheer desire to touch it one day.


Let’s not miss the main protagonist of the story, the beautiful giraffes. God has been so kind to them, they are the tallest, and almost every inch of their beautifully tall and lean body is imprinted with appealing spots and patterns. 


Oh, did we tell you that there is a special parrot too in the image? This parrot has the most beautiful voice in the jungle. However, it seems as if the parrot is hidden.


Can you spot the hidden parrot?


Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

We found it! Could you?


Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

The parrot is singing ballads in praise of the beautiful sky. Don’t you think the sky has too many lovers? We wish the world of humans could be as beautiful as the world of animals and their natural habitat.

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