Optical Illusion: Can you Spot Four Corn Husks among Pineapples in 17 Seconds?

Optical Illusion: This picture has four corn husks among the pineapples. Can you spot the four corn husks in 17 seconds? Test your observation skills with this optical illusion challenge now.
Find Four Corn Husks Optical Illusion
Find Four Corn Husks Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion: Optical illusions have gained a lot of popularity over the years. Their popularity is due to their uncanny ability to trick our brains. There are three forms of optical illusions namely physical, physiological and cognitive illusions.


Apart from being a good source of entertainment, optical illusions also help in research studies by generating insights into the workings of the human brain.


Studies suggest that optical illusions are great resources for studying the way the human brain functions. Scientists are using optical illusions in the field of psychoanalysis.


Optical illusions also help in enhancing your observation skills as well as improving your situational awareness.


Ready to test your observation skills?


Let’s start.


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Optical Illusions - Find Four Corn Husks in 17 Seconds


Source: Dudolf


The above image is a creation of Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás also known as Dudolf, who is well known for creating optical illusions.


You can see in this image that there are lots of pineapples in the field with rats peeping from all corners, trying to find ways to eat the pineapple.


Also, they are searching for four corn husks which are sweet and the rats love to eat sweets.


The challenge for you is to find the four corn husks within 17 seconds. The corn husks have blended with the pineapples which makes it difficult to spot them.


Finding out the corn husks among pineapples is a tough ask, as both the corn husk and pineapple are yellow in colour.


Did you spot the corn husks?


Hurry up, time is running out.


Look carefully and try to find any deviations that you can observe.


Maybe the rats will be able to guide you or is it just a distraction?


How many did you spot till now?


Time is almost over.


We believe that some of you might have been successful in spotting at least 2 or more than that.


You have great observation skills if you were able to spot more than 2 husks.


Now many of you will be curious about the location of corn husks.


Keep scrolling below for the solution.



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