Optical Illusion: A person with the eyes of a hawk will spot the two birds in 9 seconds. Can you?

There are two birds in this optical illusion picture. Can you spot them in 9 seconds? Test your observation skills by attempting this optical illusion challenge now.
Find Hidden Birds Optical Illusion
Find Hidden Birds Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion Observation Skill Test: The craze of optical illusions has taken over the Internet, and netizens are going bananas over the latest optical illusions.


What makes optical illusions so appealing to netizens? 


The answer will be that the way they are presented makes them appealing, and also, the thrill of solving a problem is what drives the netizens to want more of such optical illusions.


It has become a symbol of intelligence as there are many people who are actively looking to solve such problems every day.


If you are reading this article, then you are one of those people who are either devoted optical illusion solvers or someone who has heard a lot about this latest craze and wants to try out one.


In both cases, the thrill of problem-solving drives your basic instinct.


Are you ready for a quick optical illusion observation skill test now?


Let’s start.


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Optical Illusion - Find Two Birds in 9 Seconds

Take a look at the image below.


Source: US Sun


This image shows a morning scene in Manhattan, New York, where we can see two cars parked in the spaces and a woman walking down the street.


Right in front of your eyes lies a huge brownstone building and a pretty white dogwood tree near it.


Hidden in the chaos of city life are two birds that are resting. We need you to spot the two birds in 9 seconds.


It’s game time, and your time starts now.


You might be wondering where on earth the two birds are hiding.


Look carefully at the image and you will have your answers.


This is a simple test to see how your eyes and brain coordinate to help you spot the hidden birds in this image.


Have you spotted the birds?




Time is running out.


Need a hint?


Here it is.


The birds in question are pigeons, and now it will be easier for you to spot them.


How many of you have already spotted the pigeons?


Fun Fact:


Pigeons are the national bird of New York City, and an estimated 8 million pigeons can be found in New York.


We believe that some ardent optical illusion lovers have already spotted them with their superior observation skills.


Okay, time’s up.


Those who are still searching can stop their search and look below instead.


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