Optical Illusion Challenge: Only 5% of people can spot the strawberry among watermelons in 7 seconds. Can you?

Optical Illusion Challenge: In this optical illusion picture, a strawberry is hiding in plain sight among the watermelons. Only 5% of people are able to spot the strawberry in 7 seconds. Are you one of them?
Can you spot a strawberry among watermelons in 7 seconds?
Can you spot a strawberry among watermelons in 7 seconds?

Optical Illusion Challenge: There are three categories of optical illusions: literal, physiological, and cognitive. All of these illusions have a common theme, which is tricking the human visual system i.e eyes and brain.


Despite the wide range in attention spans among today's population, optical illusions have been able to not only get people's attention but also keep them interested and returning for more.


One such optical illusion challenge is presented before you, where you need to find a strawberry among the watermelons in 7 seconds.


Let’s get started.


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Optical Illusion Challenge - Find Hidden Strawberry in 7 Seconds


Source: Bright Side


The image shows a fruit scene in which slices of watermelon can be seen.


The challenge for you is to spot a strawberry among the watermelon slices and you have 7 seconds to spot it.


An optical illusion challenge like this is a good way to test your observation skills and intelligence. 


Although it is considered a good way to test your intelligence, it is not the only means of doing so.


However, if you really want to know your IQ levels, professionally created IQ tests such as Mensa IQ Challenge are the best way to find out.


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Did You Find the Strawberry in 7 Seconds?

There is a hidden strawberry among the watermelon slices that you need to find in 7 seconds.


This one is a straightforward challenge and individuals with exceptional observation skills can spot the strawberry quickly.


Did you find the strawberry in this picture?


The strawberry has expertly blended with the watermelons making it difficult to spot it at the first glance.


Hurry up; the time is running out.


Focus your attention on the image and see if you notice anything that looks like a strawberry.


Any luck yet?


The strawberry can be present anywhere in this picture, you can zoom in and out of the picture to scan all areas.


Now, do you see it?


Only a few seconds are remaining.










Time’s up.


How many of you were able to find the strawberry within the time limit?


Congratulations to those who spotted the strawberry. You have excellent observation skills.


Wondering where the strawberry is?


Jump to the answer right below.


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Find the Strawberry in 7 Seconds - Solution

The strawberry is present on the left side of the image, it can be identified by its shape, while all the watermelon slices are triangular in shape, the strawberry is oval.



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