Optical Illusion: Skull or Car? What did you see first? This optical illusion will reveal how observant you are

Optical Illusion: Is it a skull or old-fashioned car that first caught your eye? Take this optical illusion test to test your observation skills now.
Skull Optical Illusion
Skull Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion Test: Optical Illusions are always fun to solve. Not only do they engage our eyes and mind, but they also help in improving our problem-solving skills.

Optical Illusions are of various types, which are literal, cognitive and physiological illusions.

Today we will share an optical illusion which will be a good test of your perception.

Are you ready?

Let’s start

Optical Illusion - Skull or Car?

Look at the image below.


Image Credit: MoIllusions

What do you see first?



Or something else?

Optical Illusions are great at tricking our minds and making us see something that is actually not there.

In this optical illusion picture, what have you noticed first?

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A Skull

If it is a skull you noticed first, then let us tell you there is nothing wrong with that. The impact of the optical illusion gives you the impression that it is a skull.

Look carefully at the image again, and you will see some other elements you missed in the first instance.

Now, do you see the other elements present in the image?

A Car

If you are those who have first noticed a car, we would like to confirm that you have good observation skills. You were able to see the old-fashioned car in this image.

A Couple And A Dog

You have exceptional observation skills if you are one of those rare people who have spotted a couple and their dog first riding in the car. 

Skull Optical Illusion Explained

The skull optical illusion contains the image of a couple who, along with their dog is enjoying the ride on an old-fashioned car.

The couple forms the eyes of the skull, while the dog forms the nose and the grills of the car appear as the mouth and teeth.

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