Problems related to Irrigation

Irrigation helps in the budding of agricultural crops, re-vegetation of disturbed soils in parched areas as well as in upholding of landscapes.
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Problems related to Irrigation are as follows:

1. Delays in Project completion

2. Water disputes

3. Regional discrepancies in irrigation development

4. Salinity & Water logging

5. Increasing costs of irrigation

Factors contributing to boost in costs are:

(i) Non-availability of comparatively enhanced sites for structuring in previous plans
(ii) Inadequate preparatory assessment & investigations leading to considerable alteration in scope & design during construction
(iii) The propensity to begin too many projects that can be housed within the funds available for irrigation
(iv) Larger stipulations for measures to recuperate people and for conservation of environment
(v) Taking up more elegant but costly criteria for irrigation project scheduling in conventionality with requirements of external aid agencies.

6. Losses in working irrigation projects

7. Increased siltation & ageing of infrastructure

8. Tail - ender scarcity: Farmers who possess land at the end of canal system are known as tail - enders. Many of these farmers get neither timely water nor enough water.

9. Refusal in water table: There has been a stable decline in water table in these days in different parts of India, particularly in western dry region. This is due to over - exploitation of groundwater as well as inadequate recharge from rain water. 

10. Inefficiencies and Wastage in use of water


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