Rajasthan: Popular Lok Devtas

In India, for ages we have deemed temples as our center of enlightening development. Places of worship have observed genesis of Shastras, music and art in India. This edifying inheritance has been bequeathed to Devasthan Department of Rajasthan Government by way of handling over religious institutions and temples of Rajasthan.
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Pabu Ji

Pabuji is a folk divinity of Rajasthan. He subsisted in Fourteenth century. He was one of 4 kids of Dhadal Rathore of Kolu, Rajasthan. The ancient Pabuji was a Rajput prince. He is now extensively revered as a divine being by Rabari herdsmen throughout Rajasthan; and he is served by priests of Nayak. Pabuji survived in the isolated arid region of Kolu.


Rawal Mallinath

Rawal Mallinath is a folk idol of Rajasthan. He was the elder lad of Rao Salkhaji, the Mehwanagar ruler in Barmer.  The descendants of Rawal Mallinath's are the eldest among all abodes of Rathores in the state of Rajasthan. The domiciles of Bikaner, Jodhpur, Sitamau, Ratlam, Idar, Alirajpur and Sailana sketch their roots to Viramdeo.


Veer Teja Ji

Veer Teja Ji was a folk divinity who subsisted in Rajasthan state. The narration of Rajasthan is crammed with lots of gallant chronicles and illustrations where people have put their lives at menace and reserved the pride and principles like faithfulness, liberty, genuineness, protection, communal transformation etc. integral. Veer Teja Ji was one of the well-known people in the account of Rajasthan.


Ramdev Ji

Ramdevji was a folk divinity who subsisted in Rajasthan state. He was the Rajput ruler of 14th century, said to have astounding powers who dedicated his life for the fortifying of subjugated and deprived people and Hindu revivalism which were edged by assailants. He is venerated today by many communal groups. His devotees deem him to be an embodiment of Lord Vishnu.


Khetla Ji

Khetla Ji was a folk divinity who subsisted in Rajasthan state. His one of the temples is situated in Sonana Village, Rajasthan. The place of worship is the spot of a 2 day fair, held annually during the months of May and June in respect of Khetla ji. The fair draws a hefty number of followers who gather together here during the fair to summon the blessing of the divinity. There are number of temples of Khetla Ji in Marwar, for example Sayala, Sewari etc. Kataria society of Rajasthan regards him as their Kul Devta. They also perform some ceremonies after birth and marriage which is known as 'Juar'.


Goga Ji

Goga Ji is also recognized as Jahar Veer Gogga. He is a folk divinity, revered in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. He is a combatant conqueror of the area, acclaimed as a saint. He is venerated as a peer among Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus.



Eloji is a folk divinity and is considered to be the deity of villages. Effigies of Eloji can be instituted roughly in every rural community of Rajasthan. He is revealed as a burly man with moustaches and arrogance on his face. Many folk songs and music are played in honor of sexual power of Eloji.








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