Spot The Difference: Can you spot 3 differences within 11 seconds?

Spot the Difference: Two similar images are placed side by side but differ from each other. Spot three differences within 11 seconds. Test your level of intelligence and observation skills with this challenge now.
Spot 3 Differences in 11 Seconds
Spot 3 Differences in 11 Seconds

Spot the Difference: The game of "spot the difference" requires the user to identify the differences between two similar-looking images. It is a popular activity that both children and adults can enjoy.

The basic premise of this activity is that two similar images will be placed side by side, and the participant must identify all of the differences between the two images.

To complete this challenge, the participant must focus on the image and identify the differences between them.

Besides providing fun and entertainment to the participants engaging in the activity, it will also help improve the logical and analytical skills of the individuals attempting it.

While it can be undertaken alone to test one's observation skills, it can also be implemented with friends and family.

Attempting in groups will allow you to determine who is the fastest in the group quickly.

Let’s get started.

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Spot the Difference - Spot 3 Differences in 11 Seconds


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The image shared above challenges users to find 3 differences between the two similar-looking pictures within 11 seconds. This is a great way to spend some quality time improving your observation skills.

The image shown above depicts a scene from the movie Monsters University.

There are 3 differences between the two images and you have 11 seconds to find them.

The key to finding the differences between the two images is to watch the images carefully and note the differences that come to your attention.

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While some of the differences are simple to spot, others can be somewhat challenging. 

Hurry up; the clock is ticking.

The time will soon come to an end.

This activity serves as an exercise for the brain, stimulating logical and analytical thinking by engaging your brain.

Participants should resist the urge to check the solutions first, as this will not yield beneficial results from performing this activity.

How many differences have you spotted till now?

There are only a few seconds left.

The countdown has started.

Tick, tock.




Individuals with good observation skills can identify the majority, if not all, of the differences in the allotted time.

Curious to know what the differences are?

Check the solution below.

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Spot 3 Difference in 11 Seconds - Solution

The following are the differences between the two images.



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