The Sun Is Overhead But The Owl Is Still Awake! Can You Spot The Owl In 12 Seconds?

This optical illusion image of a beautifully designed living room has an owl hidden in it. Can you spot the hidden owl in just 12 seconds?
Find The Hidden Owl In The Image
Find The Hidden Owl In The Image

Optical Illusion:  Sometimes, visuals are not actually the same as they appear.


For instance, an extremely happening-looking road can be spooky at night, a well-constructed school can have fragile walls, and a very well-lit living room can have an owl hiding in it.


Strange, because owls do not stay awake in the morning!


Owls are nocturnal beings and they sleep during the day after a long night of the hunt.


When you may be getting ready, rushing toward your workspace, and checking all those client emails you dread, somewhere an owl could be snuggling in his cozy bed inside a tree hole. 


However, the image below is quite literally mind-boggling!


This very fine-looking living room could be hiding a hidden owl. 


Do you consider yourself smart enough to find it? 

Let’s find out.

Find The Hidden Owl In The Image In Just 12 Seconds

The steps are easy-peasy.


Simply set a timer for 12 seconds on your phone. The shorter the time duration is given, the greater the fun!


Have a close glance at the picture. Remember, owls are masters at camouflaging!


Get Started!



Image Source: Dancing Cat Channel (YouTube)


Don’t miss the corners!



Did you check under the table?



Oh, is it sitting on the chairs, waiting for his morning tea?



Or is he hiding behind the curtains, planning to jump out of the window?


Let’s See Where The Owl Is!


JagranjoshImage Source: Dancing Cat Channel (YouTube)



Here it is!



Let’s zoom in on the picture for you!


Image Source: Dancing Cat Channel (YouTube)



We were right when we said that owls are great at camouflaging!



Just like chameleons, owls too, are experts at hiding themselves in the environment.



Oh, poor owl, you better go to sleep now! The sun rises for humans to rush to their offices, not for owls! You are meant to work with the stars and the moon!



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