The graffiti wall is beautiful, but can you find the hidden cat?

Is art your thing? If yes, then you would relate to this cat. But wait, where is the hidden cat? Can you find it?
Find the hidden cat!
Find the hidden cat!

Are you fond of art? Do you like to paint or indulge in graffiti art? If that is the case, you share the same interest with Mrs. Bing's cat.


Mrs. Bing lived on a lonely street with her cat. The walls of her house were all white. Mrs. Bing loved white. The color symbolizes purity and calmness. However, it seemed as if Mrs. Bing's cat did not enjoy the color that much.

Much to the cat's boredom, the walls of the streets were also painted white.

There were no colors, no images, and no fun for the cat.


While the cat owner loved the pure white environment, the cat found it dull.


One fine day, the universe manifested the cat's greatest desire. Someone from town came and drew beautiful graffiti on the wall near Mrs. Bing's house.


Mrs. Bing was super furious, so much so that she filed a police complaint against the artist for making graffiti without taking the appropriate permissions. However, soon, Mrs. Bing had to file one more complaint. What for? Well, the second complaint said that her dear cat was missing!


Here, the cat was in love with the graffiti and swirled around the wall and poles several times. 

While the police are trying hard to find the hidden cat, can you help Mrs. Bing find her cat?

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Could you help Mrs. Bing?

Well, here is the cat enjoying the graffiti. 


Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Mrs. Bing is so relieved and delighted to get her cat back that she has decided to paint her complete house with graffiti. While this seems to be a bad idea as far as the house design is concerned, the cat is indeed a lucky one to get a loving master like Mrs. Bing!


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