What is D10 group of countries? Know its importance, India's position and more here

Britain had proposed a ‘D10’ club of democratic countries that can be grouped with the G7 nations. These are Australia and the Asian technology leaders South Korea and India. Know more about the D10 group, its significance here
What is D10 group of countries
What is D10 group of countries

Why in News?

Boris Johnson has been invited to visit India in January 2021 to transform the G7 group of leading industrialised nations. The Prime Minister of UK has asked the India, Australia and South Korea to attend the G7 summit to be hosted by the UK in 2021. 

What is D10 group of countries?

  1. D10 stands for 10 biggest democracies of the world. India is included in this list. 
  2. UK decided to pursue top 10 democracies of the world as an alternate to 5G equipment and technologies so as to avoid reliance on China's telecom giant Huawei. 
  3. Britain had proposed a ‘D10’ club of democratic partners that groups the G7 nations with Australia and the Asian technology leaders South Korea and India.

Significance of D10 Group:

  1. It would include G7 countries – UK, US, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Canada – plus Australia, South Korea and India.
  2. It is aimed for channelling investments into existing telecommunication companies within the 10 member states.
  3. The group aim to create alternative suppliers of 5G equipment and other technologies to avoid relying on China. But now the group is being seen as an alternate arrangement against the authoritarian states such as China, on efforts of Joe Biden, the new US President.  

What is G7?

  1. This is a collection of 7 most industrialised countries of the world which are also the most developed economies. 
  2. G7 was formed initially to discuss economic and political concerns that were prompted during the oil crisis of 1973. Its first summit was held in France in 1975.
  3. It was one of the first political and economic group. The 7 countries that are included in it are Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. It was earlier called G8, but in 2014 Russia stepped out of the group/ alliance. 
  4. These countries were the leading exporters, were with the largest gold reserves and were top contributors among the UN fund. 
  5. The summit is held every year in one of the member countries. The host country can invite three more guest countries which are on its will. Eg.- the UK has invited India, Korea and Australia in 2021. 

What is the Chinese reaction?

D10 5G club is being seen as an outdated idea with a cold war point of view. China is seeing this group with a suspicious eye. 

Why is D10 necessary?

  1. The D10 group would be an attempt by the first world countries to stop China from picking off the democratic countries with lobbying and strategic placement of investment funds (which later becomes a transfer of economy from them to China).
  2. China in recent times has also been engaging itself in wolf warrior diplomacy using online disinformation campaigns against the United States and its allies regarding COVID related information.
  3. D10 is attractive to both foreign-policy “restrainers” as well as “competitors” alike, as actively reducing these two strategic vulnerabilities and heated public concerns can work to lessen future tensions with China. 
  4. China is working to bring out a rule-based order covered up within the image of state subsidies and authoritarian technologies. It would also reduce Russia's meddling with the election and corrupt money flow. 

Disadvantages of D10:

  1. Experts believe that to oust China from the channel the countries need to work along with it.
  2. China being the biggest population, cannot be completely left out as it holds the strongest market potential.
  3. India being a neighbour at threat and with the new insurgencies by China in Ladakh, needs to be a little more careful in its foreign policies.

China is currently rising in the world with its malicious intentions to become a superpower. After the coronavirus outbreak, however, the countries of the world have started working in the direction of reducing their dependence on it. The D10 group of countries would thus need to make such policies that would not just be reactive but proactive to China’s technological and political triggers. 

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Where is the next G7 Summit being hosted?

Britain would be hosting the G7 Summit in 2021 in which it has invited India, Australia and South Korea

Who proposed D10 group?

Britain has proposed the D10 group which includes 10 largest democracies of the world

Which countries are in D10 group?

UK, US, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Canada – plus Australia, South Korea and India are included in D10 group of countries

Which countries are in the G7 group?

UK, US, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Canada are included in the G7 group of countries
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