What is Deepfake Technology? Know its benefits and threats here

Know all about Deepfake technology in the article below. The technology has risen posing greater threats than thought to tyhe mankind. Instead of being used for the betterment, it has taken a wrong course in previous years. Know about it here
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Deepfake technology
Deepfake technology

Deepfake Technology: Why in News?

This is the era of doctored videos and the technology has caused quite a propaganda in the past few years. Deep Face technology is a kind of key weapon that is now being used for all wrong reasons.

Deepfake: Key Points

  1. The 21st century’s answer to Photoshopping, deepfakes use a form of artificial intelligence called deep learning to make images of fake events, hence the name deepfake.
  2. The AI firm Deeptrace found 15,000 deepfake videos online in September 2019, a near doubling over nine months.
  3. Example: Donald Trump was seen taunting Belgium in such doctored videos. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk were also seen in such a video. 

What is Deepfake?

They constitute content that is fake in the form of media like videos and forms like pictures or audios. They are created using artificial intelligence where data is fed on a computer to find a new face. 

What is the technology used?

  1. It is called Generative Adversarial Networks or GAN. It uses two AI algorithms one of which generates fake content and other grades the efforts teaching the system to be better. 
  2. GAN comes up with new faces of humans which is also available on the website 'www.thispersondoesnotexist.com'
  3. It is however virtually not possible to differentiate the real image from a fake one. 

Examples of unwanted use of Deepfake:

Before the Delhi assembly polls in the previous years it was found that the video of BJP Delhi President Manoj Tiwari speaking in English and Haryanvi was a deep fake video. In the video he was seen criticising Arvind Kejriwal. 

Threats posed by Deepfake Technology:

  1. In recent times when the world is struggling with COVID 19 already, WHO has stated that infodemic has been triggered. This means that there have been deliberate attempts to spread wrong information regarding the disease to meet individual agendas. 
  2. Such videos are engineered to manipulate content by using wrong stamp dates or locations or by adding and attaching one content into the other. 
  3. Deepfake can enhance fabrication and conning to highest levels. 
  4. Facts can be easily obfuscated and lies can easily be spread based on manipulated content produced by Deepfake which may bring global unrest. 
  5. It can cause political campaigns to be controlled by authoritarian regimes. 
  6. There are chances that many people’s identities would be played with and human trafficking can also see a rise as such industries supporting such malices may get an advantage from deepfake technology. 

Steps to counter Deepfake threats:

Social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and others have banned the deepfake videos. They pull them off as soon as they know it is a deepfake video/picture. 

Also Facebook has recruited researchers from Berkeley, Oxford and other institutions to build deepfake detectors.

Also a Deepfake Detection Challenge partnering with industry leaders and academic experts with a data set consisting of more than 1 lakh videos was created for general awareness. 

The government is also doing its bit to advise and guide people against the deepfake videos and pictures. The more the people are aware, the more difficult it would become to fool them. 

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Why are Deepfakes so called?

Deepfakes are so-called because they use deep learning technology, that applies neural net simulation to massive data sets, to create a fake.

What is the most dangerous thing about Deepfake?

It makes it hard for virtual recognition between real and hoax

What is Deepfake?

Deepfake is a kind of artificial intelligence that is used to create convincing images, audio and video hoaxes

What is the use of Deepfake technology?

Deepfakes technology finds its use in deep learning of artificial intelligence to replace the likeness of one person with another in digital media.
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