What is Productivity Paranoia?

Productivity Paranoia is a concept that shows the delusion of employers, that their employee's work or performance is not up to mark. Read the article to know about the concepts of paranoia and all.
What is Productivity Paranoia?
What is Productivity Paranoia?

The corporate world is full of policies and concepts. Moonlighting is the newest talk of the town after WIPRO fired its 300 employees after finding that its employees were working on various projects with its rival companies at the same time. Amid all this debate, CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella has coined a fresh term called ‘Productivity Paranoia’.

What is Productivity Paranoia?

Productivity Paranoia is a concept coined by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. It means a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution. The world became familiar with the concept of work-from-home during the Coronavirus period. But it also divided the whole crowd into two halves, one which supports the WFH and one that does not. Also according to a survey by Microsoft, about 85 percent of managers are always worried about the productivity of the company, whereas 87% of workers say their productivity is on average level.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Satya Nadella said, “Leaders think their employees are not productive, whereas employees think they are being productive and in many cases even feel burnout.” He continued, “One of the most important things for us in this new world of work and hybrid work is to bridge this paradox.”

However, the illusion in the head of employers is now turned into a spy for the employees. Jared Spataro Vice-president of Microsoft said, “We don’t think that employers should be surveilling and taking note of the activity of keystrokes and mouse clicks and those types of things because, in so many ways, we feel like that’s measuring heat rather than the outcome.”

According to the new reports of Microsoft employees, 30 percent of the peak in productivity is experienced during the morning, afternoon, and to a lesser extent, at around 10 pm. Whereas it is believed that productivity typically spikes before and after lunch, this third peak illustrates how remote work has broken down already-blurred boundaries. Now, the average work day has expanded by 46 minutes, or 13 percent, since the pandemic began, and due to this asynchronous schedule, the far-flung colleagues or managers prominently fell into trouble.

In contrast to all the debates, some employers like food delivery platform Swiggy has backed Moonlighting under certain conditions. Also, Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Minister of state for electronics and information technology said that all companies should accept the employee-entrepreneur mindset of today’s tech force.

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