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What is the difference between Uniform and Non-Uniform Motion?

Dec 28, 2017 15:25 IST
    What is Uniform and Non-Uniform Motion

    In our day to day life we observe several motions of living and non-living objects, whether birds, fishes, cars, trains, etc. Millions of objects are surrounding us, some stays at rest while some shows motion. A body is said to be in motion when its position changes continuously with respect to a stationary object taken as a reference point. We all know that the common characteristic of all the moving bodies is that they change their position with time. For example, when the position of car changes continuously with respect to some stationary objects like houses or schools etc. we say that a car is moving or car is in motion. Motion can be of two types i.e. uniform motion and non-uniform motion. Through this article we will learn about motion, its types with some examples.
    Uniform Motion
    A body is said to be in uniform motion if it travels equal distances in equal intervals of time, no matter how small these time intervals may be. If we draw distance time graph for uniform motion then it will be straight line. For better understanding we can take an example, a car is running at a constant speed say 20 metres per second, will cover equal distances of 20 metres, every second, so its motion will be uniform.

    What is Uniform Motion

    More examples of Uniform motion are: Movement of hands of a watch, Rotation and revolution of the earth, Movement of the blades of a ceiling fan etc.

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    Non-Uniform Motion
    A body is said to be in a non-uniform motion if it travels unequal distances in equal intervals of time. For example, if we drop a ball from the roof of a tall building, we will notice that it will cover unequal distances in equal intervals of time. Like, 5 metres in the 1st second, 15 metres in the 2nd second and so on. Thus, a freely falling ball will covers smaller distances in the first ‘1 second’ and larger distances in the later ‘1 second’ intervals. Therefore, we can say that the motion of a freely falling body is an example of a non-uniform motion. The distance-time graph of the non-uniform motion is a curved line. Non-Uniform motion is also known as accelerated motion.

    What is Non-Uniform Motion
    Source: www.keydifferences.com
    More examples of non-uniform motion are: Oscillation of pendulum, the motion of a train, a person jogging in the park etc.
    Difference between Uniform and Non Uniform Motion

    Basis of difference

    Uniform Motion

    Non-Uniform Motion

    Definition or meaning

    When a body moves along a straight line with uniform speed or steady speed is called Uniform motion

    When a body moves along a straight line but with variable or change in speed is called non-uniform motion

    How much distance is covered?

    Covers equal distance in equal intervals of time

    Covers unequal distances in equal intervals of time

    What is average speed here?

    Same as the actual speed of the object

    Different from actual speed of the object

    Rectilinear motion

    Acceleration is zero

    Acceleration is non-zero

    Distance-time graph

    Here distance-time graph shows straight line

    Here distance-time graph shows curved line

    We all know that the movement in our life plays an important role. Without it life is almost incomplete. It depends upon the objects that how much time they will take to cover the distance. Like the fast objects cover the given distance in less time while the slow ones take the longer time to cover it. It is also clear from the above article that the uniform and non-uniform motion depends upon the velocity of the moving body whether it is changing or not.

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