What is the Sunny Laprade TikTok controversy? The deadname- EXPLAINED!

Sunny Laprade has been in the news lately for the deadname controversy. What is the issue, the deadname controversy, and why dead-naming is a big issue? The answers to all these questions are here.
Sunny Laprade controversy!
Sunny Laprade controversy!

Sunny Laprade from the New York Comedy Club has now become the talk of the town and has gone viral on the famous platform TikTok.


 This has been a result of her urge to her fans to not use or search her dead name in the comments section. 

The story began when the comedian put forward a video on TikTok @sunnlylcomedy, stating the controversial matter of deadnaming.

The caption for the transgender comedian's video expressed her earnest request: 

"PLEASE don't actually try and find my deadname! Don't make me regret posting this!!!"

Wondering what the video was all about? Well, she talked about a user who mistakenly dead-named her, and urged the followers to abstain from using her former name anywhere in the comments section. 


Dead-naming- EXPLAINED


Wondering what a deadname actually is? Well, a deadname is the birth name of anyone belonging to the trans and non-binary community (ENBY) who has opted for a different name that better suits their identity.

It is basically nothing but their former name prior to their transition. 

Deadnaming is referred to as the act of referring to anyone, whether intentionally or unintentionally, using their former name.

When a person makes a transition, s/he prefers changing their name to a name that makes them or feel comfortable and connected with their identity.

Deadnaming a gender becomes a big issue as it represents that you don't respect them and their identity enough.

The deadname controversy 


It all started when Laprade posted a video on TikTok on Wednesday morning, November 9, 2022.

Laprade stated that someone jokingly or accidentally made a guess about her dead name in the comments section on TikTok.

She further said that whenever she mentioned her deadname, people filled the comments section with whacky and unconventional guesses of names in order to sound funny.


The comedian also said that a user actually accidentally guessed her dead name.

Laprade stated in the final note of the video that it is quite easy to find her deadname and joked:

"So, if you feel the need to try and guess my deadname as a joke in my TikTok comments, WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T DO, but if you have to, if you absolutely have to, at the very least google search to make sure you don't accidentally get it right!"

The video of the comedian has already gained 850,000 views. 

After posting the video, the comedian used her Twitter account, @sunnylcomedy, to show disappointment in her viewers, by saying



Despite these efforts, the deadnaming didn't cease, due to which, the comedian tweeted yet again on November 10, 2022.



Who is Sunny Laprade?

Sunny Laprade is a popular American comedian. She is most famous for her work on Paranormal Caught on Camera along with her New York Comedy Club shows. 

The comedian has a substantial TikTok following with approximately 230,000 and 13 million likes.


She talks about relatable trans experiences and how the life of trans people.

Her content is mainly based on queer comedy. 


Sunny Laprade has always been vocal about issues like deadnaming. Last year too, her friend made use of her deadname in a conversation sans her consent. As a result, Laprade raised her concern about the matter on social media.


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