Wordle #445 Is Super Tricky! We Bet You’ll Need These Interesting Hints!

Today's Wordle #445 is super hard. Check these hints, the Super Clue, and the answer here.
Wordle 445 Hints, Super Clue, And Answer
Wordle 445 Hints, Super Clue, And Answer

Hello Wordle lovers!

The New York Times word game is not popular amongst game lovers for nothing. The game does give you a boost of an adrenaline rush, that helps you deal with the mundane routine. Whether you are a literature or grammar lover or not, Wordle is a game that will never disappoint you.


But hey, you better not take today’s word challenge for granted. Today, Wordle is determined to shock you with a word that is not only tricky but also really uncommon. 


Oh Wordle, Can You Stop Being This Interesting? Looking For Hints And Tips? Check Here.

The Rules

The ones who play Wordle regularly know how straightforward the rules are. Wordle is one of those games that has extremely simple rules to follow but is still tricky to crack because of its novelty factor.

Coming back to the point, the rules for the game are pretty straightforward. Every day, the game comes with a fixed 5-letter English word that you are supposed to crack. You get to see a grid and you need to enter any five-letter English word that comes to your mind. 


The moment you enter the first word, Wordle will tell you whether the word chosen by the puzzle has the same letters as that you have entered. How? 


If in case the word you have entered has a few letters in common with the Wordle word of the day, those letters will be painted in yellow the moment you press the “Enter” key after typing the word.


If in case the word you have entered not only has the common letters but has them just at the right place in accordance with the word chosen by the game, those letters at the correct places will automatically turn green. 


After just the first or the second trial, you may find a few letters that are common to the ones in the word chosen by Wordle. This way, you figure out the word chosen by the game by attempting more chances.


Now there are three twists here. One, you get only six chances. This means that you can enter only five incorrect words, but the last try must be correct.


Second, Wordle creates the puzzle for only one word per day. This means that the people playing the game all over the word will be presented with the same word. Also, if you by chance miss cracking the word, you will have to wait for the next day for a new word.


Thirdly, Wordle gives you no hints to crack the tough puzzle. That adds up to the difficulty levels. It becomes difficult to crack a word in 6 guesses when you have not even a single clue about the word. That’s when Jagran Josh enters the scene.


Yes, we are your Wordle pals, and thus we offer you exciting hints to crack the Wordle game. No, we do not spoil your fun. Instead, our hints add spice to your excitement, helping you enjoy the challenge even more. Are you ready?


Wordle #445 For September 7, 2022- HINTS!


First things first, today’s Wordle is undoubtedly SUPER HARD! Guessing this 5-letter word seems unlikely without some spicy hints to help.


Here you go! Our 5 special hints for Wordle 445 are here:

Hint 1:

The word has a vowel used twice, just one after the other.

That sounds like a decent hint.

Hint 2:

The word starts with the 12th letter of the English alphabet.

Come on, grab your kindergarten alphabet book now.


Hint 3:

The word means avoiding someone or not trusting someone.

Are there any guesses coming to your mind?

Hint 4:

The word has an “R” in it.

Hmm. Think about a few such words.


Hint 5:

The word ends with “Y”.

That’s what you call a hint!

Wordle #445 For September 7, 2022- SUPER CLUE


The Super Clue For Today Is:


“The word rhymes with the word “eerie”.”



Wordle#445 For September 7, 2022- ANSWER


WARNING: Do not scroll down if you do not wish to check the answer.










The answer for Wordle #445 For September 7, 2022, is “LEERY”.


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