World’s First Synthetic Embryo Created - Know Full Details Here

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have created the first synthetic embryo in the world with a brain and a beating heart. Read about this rare achievement here.
World's First Synthetic Embryo
World's First Synthetic Embryo

World’s First Synthetic Embryo: Scientists from the University of Cambridge have achieved the rare feat of creating the world’s first synthetic embryo that has a brain and a beating heart. It also carries all the other building blocks necessary to form other organs.

The cover image features the microscopic image captured by researchers Gianluca Amadei and Charlotte Handford, which clearly shows a coloured embryo highlighting the brain and heart formation.

Synthetic Embryo - How it was created?

The first synthetic embryo in the world was created by a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge, this team was led by Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, a professor in Mammalian Development and Stem Cell Biology in Cambridge's Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience.

According to the report, the embryo was created using the stem cells of the mouse instead of the normal process of fusing sperm and egg cells.

Let us learn about stem cells here

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are those cells in the body that have the ability to differentiate into any type of cell in the body.

Synthetic Embryo - The Steps

The researchers were able to help the stem cells mimic the natural development process of the embryo by triggering a certain set of genes and providing a developmental environment that made it possible for the cells to interact with each other.

The three types of stem cells combined with each other in the controlled laboratory conditions and started replicating the process of natural development.

According to the report published in Cell and Nature, the embryo was grown for a period of 8.5 days, and the team was able to see the development of the brain and a beating heart.

According to Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz "Our mouse embryo model not only develops a brain but also a beating heart, all the components that go on to make up the body,"

The researchers were working on this for over a decade.

The Technique behind the Development of Synthetic Embryo

The synthetic embryos were developed successfully using the technique developed by Jacob Hanna, who is a stem cell biologist and works at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

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