IIT Madras students launched E21 campaign to promote entrepreneurship skills in schools

Published on: Aug 28, 2018 16:45 IST
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IIT Madras

The Entrepreneur Cell (E-Cell) of the Indian Institute Technology (IIT) Madras has launched the 'E21' campaign to focus on skills such as innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, and risk-taking among 150 students from various schools in Chennai. The main motive behind launching the initiative is to provide students with the skills to handle the challenges of the 21st Century. This year-long initiative was launched by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras students and focusing on preparing Government and Private school students for the challenges of 21st century.

Educators from different sectors will celebrate examples of successful 21st-century learning and illustrate how entrepreneurship empowers all learners to gain the skills they need. During the workshops cum lecture series, educators will teach students about how to think creatively and make innovations happen. Raghavendra Hunasgi, Global Shaper, World Economic Forum (WEF), and Founder and CEO, ThoughtFolks Digital, during the launch of the initiative said, "this was an apt platform and event hosted by the e-cell at IIT Madras covered the most crucial aspects. It's high time we reconsider our style of education and tailor the courses that will create entrepreneurs and innovators."

Raghavendra, who is a Harvard Business School Alumni further added, “the curriculum build a decade ago will no longer hold any relevance unless we couple it with new age technology courses and frameworks."

It is believed that The Entrepreneur Cell (E-Cell) will further support the schools in making meaningful and sustainable improvements in education quality and help students to obtain a competitive advantage vis a vis their peers. Speaking about the importance of this initiative, Prof Ashwin Mahalingam, Faculty Advisor, E-Cell, IIT Madras, said, " This is a fantastic initiative. I am particularly happy that IIT-M's students are taking the lead on this and I hope that their entrepreneurial zeal and academic excellence can be passed on to students from schools across the country."

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