10 things that happen in every boys hostel

Good movies make for absolutely the best distraction and here is the list of some which no college student can afford to give a miss.

10 things that happen in every boys hostel
10 things that happen in every boys hostel


What happens inside the boys hostel, stays inside the boys hostel- this is the mantra of every resident who lives there and the activities that happen at the place more than justify it. There is a world inside the boys hostel which is alien to the human race outside and if you have been wondering what goes on in there, here is the answer:

1. Violent birthday celebrations

Yes, birthday celebrations at the boys hostel are violent because guys get really passionate about making the day special for their friend. From beating the birthday boy to smashing cake on his face and bottling down bottles of whisky and rum, there are few things that cannot happen inside a boys hostel room during a birthday celebration.

2. All night gaming

Men are passionate about their video games, and understandably so. You will see them spending hours after hours with the gaming console playing video games. These sessions sometimes also lead to actual physical fights because one just cannot bear losing to another person.

3. Bathroom singing at its best

You will find bathroom singers in every boys hostel who just cannot stop humming the tunes of their favourite song. These are the people who lose track of time while taking the bath because they are enjoying the entire experience so much. While this happens, people standing outside the bathing cubicle get angry and frustrated waiting for their turn.

4. The troublemakers creating fuss

There are boys in the hostel who keep getting involved in some fight or the another with either other boys or the authorities. They seem to invite conflict by breaking rules and are basically rebels without a cause. They can be spotted giving threats to people inside the hostel, trying to intimidate them by showing off their approach and power.

5. The bullies making life tough for juniors

Despite strict laws against ragging, we cannot claim it has been compeltely done away with it. Some form of ragging still exists at a lot of colleges and it's just easy at the hostels with only students around. There will always be one person who is more convinced than others that ragging is a way of gelling with the juniors and as a consequence makes them do activities which may or may not go down well with them.

6. The romeos of the hostel

 Then there are people who are always busy on the phone with their girlfriend. It is tough to find these people to socialize because they have different priorities than others. It takes time but other guys get used to their habit of being absent from the scene in important times because they are busy with a call.

7. The long, long gossip sessions

There couldn't be a bigger steretype than the one that it is only girls who like to gossip. Boys gossip and they gossip a lot. After all, that is there only way of knowing what's happening inside the college and who is dating who and which all gangs still function against each other in the elections etc.

8. Cricket matches bring out the true unity

There is a reason why cricket is considered to be a religion in India. It bring together people who otherwise have multiple differences between each other. A cricket match is you need to bring everyone to the TV room, even the romeos we talked about  earlier. There will be commentary, there will be a people asking the commentrator to shut up, there will be suggestions and commands and everything that happens on an actual cricket pitch.

9. Group study (fun) sessions

Timings have been set, subjects have been decided and everyone is in the chosen room now but there is just something about likeminded students sitting together that makes studying impossible. More often than not, they turn out to be intense gaming sessions or the discussion about thermodynamics suddenly change into discussions about ghosts. All this and lot more happens at 'group study' sessions, except studying.

10. Clothes? What clothes?

With only boys around, it does make sense to ditch multiple layers of clothing after a long day at college. Everyone is a Salman Khan inside the hostel, strictly in terms of being shirtless. The bodies however, might not be as chiseled as his. 


A boys hostel is everything you have seen in Bollywood movies like 3 Idiots. There fun, time pass but also great deal of emotions and drama.

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