100 Years of Indian Cinema: Quiz on Legendary Actresses

Here you find interactive quiz on legendary actresses of India. Prepare for different exams as well as quizzes competitions on legendary actresses of India.

Oct 11, 2013 13:33 IST
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As Indian Cinema observes a grand century of gripping billions these days, let us put a momentary look at some actresses across India whom we have admired not only for their fascinating frenzy but also box-office demand and countrywide appeal. Indian cinema, apart from of all its eccentricities, has been a materialization of the political, cultural and socio – economic alterations that took place in India. In the Twentieth century, Indian cinema, in conjunction with the Chinese and Hollywood film industries, turned out to be a global endeavor.


Indian Diaspora comprises of thousands of Indians overseas for which movies are made accessible in the course of mediums such as DVDs and by broadcasting of films. It is an amazing thing that Indian cinema has endured the test of instance regardless of the immense edifying divergence in the precedent 100 years.


A new interactive quiz is available for you on legendary actresses of India. Lets play!

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