4 Work Habits that will help you to be more productive in Office

Want to be more productive at work? Try to inculcate these 4 simple habits as part of your daily office life and be more productive in office life.

4 Work Habits to be more productive in Office
4 Work Habits to be more productive in Office

Tight deadlines, increasing work pressure and an endless to-do list; these all factors have become a common phenomenon as far as our office lives are concerned. In all these madness, completing your office work on time along with the results that are expected by your organization requires some serous re-thinking. This is where healthy work habits come into picture. Your everyday routine can benefit a lot if you develop the right work habits. They can help you to complete all your work on time without compromising on the quality and achieve all your business targets quite easily. For you benefit, we have listed a few important work habits that will help you build a well-balanced work-life that while ensuring that you become more productive in the work you do. 

Avoid Multitasking

With increasing work load, multi-tasking at work has become a norm in modern day offices. While it may sound amazingly lucrative and fruitful to be able to complete five different tasks within the defined time-frame, it is actually impossible to do so. As per several recent studies done by psychologists, multi-tasking is not really that effective when it comes to professional life. As per these studies, multi-tasking several office tasks at the same time only over-burdens you while not really speeding up the work-flow. It simply creates a mental illusion that you are doing five different things at the same time and getting a lot of work accomplished in a limited time-frame. Actually, it is contrary. Because you are not completely focused on any one task, multi-tasking creates mental pressure and doesn’t allow you to give your best shot at the work you are doing. If you are unable to do your work whole-heartedly, chances are that you will not do a good job and will have to re-do it all over again, wasting your precious time. Therefore, if you want to enhance your productivity at work, avoid multi-tasking. Instead, you should pick one task, devotee yourself completely to it and complete it with full focus.

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Divide & Rule your Work

If it could help British to rule for us 200 years, this strategy could surely help us rule our work for the 9 hours that we spend at office. In office, generally you would be bombarded with several tasks at the same time. Some of these tasks might be time consuming and would require more mental attention than others. For such tasks, it is always better to break up the task into smaller more doable chunks. Doing so will help you not being overburdened with work as now you would be more focused on the smaller tasks at hand rather than the Everest that all of them make up together. Also, regularly achieving smaller tasks that are part of a bigger goal will also keep you motivated as you would feel that you are accomplishing something and progressing consistently.

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Seek Help from Colleagues

One of the biggest corporate mistakes you can make in your office life is to get into the habit of ‘doing it all yourself’. Let’s face it, no one is perfect and no one knows it all. If these were the case then the company wouldn’t need to hire different folks for different business process. So, if ever you encounter a task that is beyond your capacity in terms of work load or the skills required to do it; feel free to seek help from your colleagues. At first, it might seem a bit awkward to go ahead and ask someone to lend a hand for a task that you were assigned for, but that’s how people learn and grow in offices. Seeking help from colleagues, especially if you are interested in learning new skills and enhancing your current ones, is a great habit that will help you be more productive at work.

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Organize your Work Well

When it comes to productivity, nothing beats planning and organization. Although, everyone may say that these are old school ways of getting things done at office, there is no alternative to these. Being organized at your work, especially when it comes to your daily task list and things that need to be closed by the end of the day will be immensely helpful to you. So, make sure you have a ‘to-do list’ for the 8-9 hours you are going to spend at office. If you are bombarded with multiple tasks at the same time, make sure that you prioritize the ones that need your immediate attention. Also, assigning a fixed timeline to complete the tasks will help you keep your schedule on track for the day. If you think that you are not going to meet your deadline, change your strategy and re-time things.

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So, there you have it! 4 work place habits that will surely make sure that you make the most of your 8-9 hours at office. Although majority of the points mentioned above may seem like old-school or clichéd, they still work like charm. But, you don’t have to believe us, try them out at in your office for a week and see the difference in your work and productivity. If you feel, that we have missed out on any other important way in which we can help working professionals be more productive in office; do point them out in the comments section below. For more articles related to work life and office productivity, please click here. You can also subscribe our newsletter to get great office tips directly in your inbox below.

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