How to be a good team player and emerge as an ideal employee?

Want to be loved by your boss and colleagues? Follow these tips to emerge as good team player and emerge as an ideal employee in your office.

How to be a good team player in your office?
How to be a good team player in your office?

In today’s highly competitive world, being a high performer is not enough to set yourself apart at work place. Along with being a superb individual performer in office, you would also be expected to a great team player who is able to connect well with others and get the necessary work done. However, as most of working professionals would tell you, it is very easy to be an individual performer, as in such scenario you are only responsible for your own actions, results and targets. But when it comes to a team, getting things done might get a little tricky. If you are also facing some problems in bringing out the team player in you, follow the simple steps given below. These steps will help you develop the team spirit in your office and also make sure that you connect with your colleagues and bosses.

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Communicate Well

Communication is the key when it comes to team work. Therefore, to emerge as the ideal team player of your team or organization, improve your communication skills. As per a recent survey, the majority of the issues between colleagues arise due to bad communication. A statement which was uttered in haste or a word that was misunderstood by a colleague can lead to some catastrophic consequences. So, to develop team spirit within your team and organization, make sure that you communicate with your colleagues in very simple, polite and humble manner. The golden rule of office communication should be to respect your co-workers and bosses, and treat them the say way you would like to be treated.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is another aspect that can improve the team spirit and team work within the organization. To develop the team spirit in your office, make sure that you share the right information, knowledge and experience with your team mates. This will help you build a strong bond of trust among each other. So, share all the necessary information with your colleagues and bosses.

Participate in Office Activities

Participation is another way in which you can start connecting well with your team mates and develop a lasting relationship that goes beyond work hours. Active participation by you would be appreciated by not only your boss and colleagues but will also help you come into the limelight. Therefore, show enthusiasm and participate in all professional as well as curricular activities that happen as part of your office. It can be building an impressive presentation for your next sales pitch or Rangoli competition on Diwali; make sure that you go out there and connect well with your office mates through active participation.

Be a Good Listener

Now, since childhood we have been told that ‘being a good listener’ is the ultimate key to success. Although it sounds like a cliché, it really does work when it comes to building team spirit and connecting with your colleagues. Being a good listener would ensure that you listen to your boss and colleagues and understand what is expected out of you. This will help you in making sure that you do your work as per the requirement of the company and meet the performance targets set for you. Similarly, if you are in a meeting, try to be a good listener and understand the point of view being put across your colleague. Even if you don’t agree with their idea, you can always let them know the same politely without getting into an unnecessary argument. Similarly, you can also lend an ear to a stressed colleague or a work mate who is feeling the office pressure. Having an attentive ear would help them to vent out their anger and frustration while also building a lasting relationship with you.

Be Flexible

In the challenging work environments that we have today, being flexible can be a game turner for your career. This is the age of dynamism and therefore you see that be it technology or products everything undergoes changes. Therefore, adopting a flexible attitude towards your office and work will help you stay relaxed and accept the changes with an open mind. This will also make sure that you are able to evolve to the new developing situation in office and are also able to help your office mates do the same.

Be Supportive and Respectful

Finally, coming to the most important aspect of being a team player in office; support and respect. Always be supportive and respectful of your work, office, colleagues and boss. The old adage of ‘Give Respect to Get Respect’ stands completely true in office environment. So, if you are ready to treat your work mates with respect and help them sail through tough times, they will also do the same building a great team spirit in office. Therefore, always treat your colleagues professionally and never ever say or do something that might hurt their self-esteem.

These are just few of the simple things you can do in order to bring the team player in you out and impress everyone in office. While, these are just a few everyday things, but incorporating them in your professional behaviour will go a long way in building a long lasting relationship with your work and colleagues which is based on the foundation of trust and respect.

If you think, there are other things that professionals can do in order to bring their a game as a team player, do point them out in the comments section below. You can also find other interesting articles about office life and success here.

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