5 Reasons why we can’t survive without ‘Maids’

Are household chores taking toll on you? Here is how hiring a maid can save your precious time and energy!

5 Reasons why we can’t survive without ‘Maids’
5 Reasons why we can’t survive without ‘Maids’

Life seems to be a complete mess when the maid says that she wants an off for two to three consecutive days. And yes, when they resign, it comes as a big shock because it hard to find another one within short notice. Especially when both of you are working professionals. You do not have the time to manage the household chores along with the job. Moreover, after a fatiguing day at work, who wants to go back home and get involved in cleaning the floor and washing dishes?

Basically, a maid is a miracle which not only keeps your life on track but is also a saviour when you have a nuclear family and there is no one to help you out in managing the home. So, here are five reasons which are a proof that why house help are lifelines for the working professionals: 

1. You can’t do everything on your own

Delegating task is the way of living a happy and balanced life. Because you can’t do everything on your own, even if you know the ins and outs of the task, you need some additional hands to manage the work. The demanding job and timeline which drains most of your energy doesn’t leave you vigorous enough to clean the house and stay hygienic.

Be it food preparation, or cleaning of floors, or managing the garden or cleaning of car, all the tasks are not possible without the helping hand of maids. They are the ones who streamline your daily routine and keep you free from worries about the household chores.

2. She is your forever available ‘Aunt Agony’

She is one of the best listeners who hold the capability to listen to any pain of your life. She has an enormous capacity to empathise with you when you choke or can’t hold the emotional lava and burst into tears. She will listen to you in better ways than your spouse and kids. She will always have time for you and will delay her time to move to the other household, but won’t leave you until you are appeased.

She is available when you need her the most. She provides free aunt agony services to you in the monthly fees that you pay her. But be careful not to reveal the secrets which are dear to your family while crying your heart out.

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3. She is professional in managing things quickly

Sweeping the floor or washing dishes is not easy as it might seem. It will test your physical strength and you might take hours to wind up the work. But because maids do these tasks on routine basis, so that have a dab hand at managing the cleaning work quickly and will make your home look spick and span. Laundry work, ironing, cooking be it any service that eats up your time that needs attention to other important tasks, she will magically completes them all without you having to keep an eye on the tasks. Hiring her becomes the need of the hour because you can take care of your job and also enjoy the other luxuries of life.

Accept the fact that there is no point wasting time and efforts on doing something you're not good at. A professional help by hiring a house-help will keep the house tidy so that you can spend some time on your own.

4. She is the ‘messenger of neighbourhood’

While being at work, you usually don’t get time to connect with your neighbours. But don’t worry, your maid is your best friend who will spill the beans and will keep you aware about the latest gossip and happenings in the lives of your neighbours. Who’s getting married, who’s having an extra marital affair, who’s buying a new car and who’s planning to leave the colony, all news will come to your doorsteps with the maids. She will not let you feel secluded in the society. She will make sure that you have a balanced work and personal life.

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5. She lets you spend time with family and yourself

A house-help will buy you some time with your family. When you will be running late for your office, and after a hectic day at work, she will save you from headaches due to household chores. You can spare some time to your spouse and talk to him/her about personal stuff.

For those in 9-5 job, she is the only one who lets you keep buffer time for your family. You can even plan to join yoga or other hobby classes. Instead of depleting your time and energy in cleaning the house, you will have time to enjoy other activities.

In your already overwhelming schedule, your house-help will keep the house surely your busy professional life won’t take a toll on your health and your married life.

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