5 things that can take your Relationship a long way

Is you love life getting dull due to demanding career needs? Here are a few tips that can bring the lost spark back in your life.

Created On: Sep 15, 2017 10:02 IST
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If you think that it is just your career that required constant patience, commitment and dedication, then you might be wrong. Your relationship is another aspect of your life that needs incessant patience, commitment and dedication as well. But it is as difficult to manage love relation as it might sound. There are lot more easier ways to keep your love life on the track while being completely immersed at your workplace.

It is natural to face issues managing both work and healthy personal life simultaneously because we cannot lend undivided attention to both the areas. So, for the couples who wish to improve on their relationships, here are 5 tips that you can start doing right away and relish the beauty of love.

Be ‘All Ears’

Finding someone who can listen to your dreams, aspirations and be with you when life offers you lemons, is the best gift from almighty! When you get home from a hectic day at work, do not consider that it’s just you who is drained mentally, rather respect the fact that your partner was also dealing with myriad tasks.

When your partner sits to speak to you, offer undivided attention and lend your ear. Later, suggest probable solutions that can ease their stress. Infact, this is one of the best ways because your partner will always look upto you for help when in trouble. Sharing problems in life makes the bond stronger.

Take out time to share your life goals and remind each other if the goals you have set for your future are going in line. On the flipside, turning a deaf year to your partner can lead to dead end of the relation. It is important to respect and understand their view of the world. By listening patiently to each other and sharing your dreams, you can build a perfect future together!

Be an ‘Avid Admirer’

Complementing someone makes their day for sure. But make sure your compliments are genuine and not to simply flatter your better half. Compliments work wonders for the couples when in love. They enhance their self-esteem and pose a feeling that each one still notices the other one with the same intensity like its day one of the relation.

So she buys a new dress and wears it on the next date, compliment her on the sartorial choices she possess. When he orders the lunch on the date, compliment him on the choice of the cuisines and that he remembers about your likes and dislikes while ordering. These little gestures ensures that you both are made for each other and helps to escape the otherwise stress of the work and people that are always a trouble to you.

You can always say those 3 words often to admire him/her. These 3 words can vary depending upon the situation or setting when you are up for admiring.

  • I love you
  • I adore you
  • You look hot
  • You are dapper
  • Your look Pretty
  • You are Saviour
  • I like you
  • I admire you
  • Your eyes Talk
  • I appreciate you

Use them and make sure that it becomes a practise so keep you both glued to each other.

Express Gratitude

A two letter word “thank you” can make your life much easier when you appreciate your partner for the efforts they put in to make you happy. It is one of the best tools to enhance intimacy in a relationship. Do not look out for special things to be grateful for. A simple way of thanking could be making a bed tea or evening coffee for your special someone. It is the best way to mark the start of a beautiful day! Extend a helping hand in the daily household chores could be other ways of expressing gratitude.

In a study conducted to analyse the effect of expressing gratitude, it was found that ‘gratitude’ has an overwhelming impact on reducing the stress in a relationship. Take a look at the multiple benefits that can enrich your relationship.


With so many benefits, how can you not be thankful for being in a relationship and most importantly, being in love with your partner!

Be Perfect ‘Weekenders/Wonderers’

Plan short trips on the weekends or take break from work to wander around the world...! No matter where you are, when in relationship, travelling with your special someone will make your life better. You will always find home close you your heart as the one you love is already by your side. On the brighter side, if work doesn’t permit you to understand your buddy then travelling will make sure that you understand your companion better.

When in a complete different setting and experience, your actions and reaction put your relationship compatibility to test. You will be able to explore the latent depths of your relation.


With your companion you will create memories to later cherish for the years to come. More importantly, when spending quality time becomes a far cry, travelling will become a best escape from the hue and cry of the bustling career demands. It will not only boost your trust in the relation but will also make you feel better about having a positive side of life.

Tweet, Ping, Message often

Maybe a call becomes too demanding when at work! This would require you to move away from your desk to talk to your companion. But with social media apps on the rage, you can always make use of whatsapp, twitter, Facebook messanger, hangouts and many more to simple send a text and stay connected. Take a look at the text conversation below. No words are required to express the love shared by the couple. Such messages makes the day when you think of that special person.


Share a sweet good morning text, or share a pic of yours when you reach at work! You can also send one-liners asking about the update of the day and checking if everything is going fine in the day. With work on one hand, when interacting becomes a habit with your partner, you can always sense if there is something amiss in the life of your partner.


For a win-win relationship, these habits won’t demand much of your time and effort. But surely they will keep your love life on track. They are the key to unlock the lock of happiness in your relation. Try them and trust us, you won’t fail, because....


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