5 Tricks That Can help you land a job even with zero experience

Job hunters, now, don’t need to worry about experience to land their dream jobs. Because, here we are providing certain tips to grab a job with zero experience.

How to get a job with zero work experience?
How to get a job with zero work experience?

Job search is itself hard, tiring, and of course, bothersome task. After this, continuing as a strong candidate during the different levels of selection process is another challenge where one has to perform up to the mark. This becomes more tough, tricky, and unpredictable when a candidate with zero experience participates in selection process of a company.

To know what more challenges candidates have to face and how to deal them, have a quick look of what is said to be top tips for job selection with zero experience.

Don’t conceal reality

Nobody takes birth already with the experience. So, it isn’t necessary for every candidate to have good experience for a job, especially when a job seeker applies to an entry level jobs. Curiosity, willingness to learn, enthusiasm, determination, and devotion are some of basic features that are required to gain good experience. Concealing your inexperience and lying about your past work is, therefore, of no use. So, tell your interviewer what is truth, showing your curiosity to learn, willingness to work, determination, devotion, and enthusiasm.

Relate your informal experience to job

Begin analyzing the works you did in the past and try to underline your skills. Though you may not have been paid for it, you can, orally, include it in your experiences. If you have worked on any project, assignment, and task voluntarily for which you were not get reimbursed, then, too, you can put it on your Resume. In this case, try to relate your experience with the job you have applied for. Suppose, you have worked on AIDS Awareness campaign voluntarily and never got paid for that. You can cite that in Your Resume if you’re applying for the job in any nongovernment organisation which caters social services.    

Promote and highlight you skills, efficiency and potential  

Once after analysing your past actions, you would be able to find out what skills do you have and how potential and efficient you are in.  Promote and highlight all of them before the interviewer. If you have expertise in analysing the facts, then promote it while relating it to the job you have applied for. Suppose, you’re tech friendly and you apply for an entry level job in IT Company. Then, you can promote and highlight it to your interviewer. The skills, efficiency, and potentiality are therefore helpful to get an entry level job, even if we have worked on it in our daily life.

Improve your own network

Most of the time friends, teachers, seniors, superiors, and other acquainted people provide tip-off about the companies where job hiring is in process. They even, sometimes, share the tips, tricks, and eligibility criterion for the job. Apart from this, they sometimes refer the candidate to the organisation where there is any job opportunity. Improving personal or professional network therefore plays an important to hiring of a candidate, especially to one who has not been previously employed anywhere. So, it’s important for every professional, especially for fresher to build and develop their own network through various means of the communication like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and some others. 

Know about the company or organisation

Notifying the important details about the company where you have applied for la job is somewhat that can easily impress your interviewer, even if you aren’t previously employed anywhere. Because, it reflects you enthusiasm, interest, devotion, willingness to learn something new as well as how seriously you have taken it. So, before going for an interview, analyse, conduct good research, and collect important information about the company. For instance, your interviewer asks you about the organisation and its motive when you go for interview. Your reply will certainly impress the interviewer if he finds anything interesting, well-though out, and knowledgeable in your reply.

Get prepared

Nobody knows what types of questions an interviewer would definitely ask in an interview. It may be academic, professional, practical, or some other. In case of such an uncertainty, what would surely help you to withstand the tricky, difficult, and of course, mind boggling questions of your interviewer is preparation. But, before diving into daylong preparation, be specific for what you’re going make preparation. Because, preparation for the questions that are most commonly asked in sales sector interviews is of no use if you face the interview for a job in IT sector.      


With the growing population, getting a job has become hard, tough, tricky, and of course, competitive task, especially for those who aren’t previously employed anywhere. In such a situation, what a candidate can do to get a with zero experience is what we have tried acknowledge to the candidates through this article.

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