6 ways to grab best appraisal in next performance appraisal cycle!

Got a poor appraisal in current appraisal cycle? Here are 6 ways in which you can make sure that you get what you deserve!

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6 ways to grab best appraisal in next performance appraisal cycle!
6 ways to grab best appraisal in next performance appraisal cycle!

Expecting a good raise is the ideal dream of every employee! But what if you feel that the raise is not upto the mark and the company doesn’t values your work? It is time to think for a job change or rework on your skills and behavior to mend the ways for better career growth?

These are some questions that often become a cause of worry for every other employee when the appraisal season is over. They become victims of dejection and demotivation. But, it is not necessary that the organization and your boss were unhappy because of your performance/skills at work. There could be more to it.

Yes, you read it right! There is another face of the appraisal system that has a potential to you’re your scores. It is called as ‘cognitive bias’. Often managers grade the employees on the basis of the perception that they have created in their minds rather than focusing on the real picture. This scenario leads to bias and distortion in the fair ranking system.

So, here are some common biases that will surely affect your performance and in order to save yourself from the poor appraisal, work on them and see the difference in the next appraisal cycle.

It’s all or nothing

Whether you have a pleasant personality, domineering nature or you are famous for being sarcastic it would create a Halo around you. Truly said that this ‘halo effect’ will have an impact on your appraisal in either long or short term.

In general terms, a halo effect is an outcome that is derived from your general behaviour. For say you work hard to accomplish the deadlines, so your boss will create a halo of your personality in his/her mind that you are hardworking person. But if you are often seen spreading rumors and over-indulged in office politics then that kind of a halo will affect your grades in the appraisal adversely.

So, it is recommended that work on your positives and highlight them to get a better appraisal in the next cycle.

Avoid being a ‘Slime ball’

Mistakes are bound to happen anywhere and by anyone, after all to err is human. But if you take pride in doing mistakes and do not own the responsibility of it, then this behavior can go against you. This aspect is termed as ‘Sore Thumb Effect’ which says that one trait, incident, or behavior of yours that sticks out is ought to be remembered strongly than others.

One negative events or one mistake can cause you a fortune. So always take extra care in order to avoid such situation. Work on the traits that often let you down in front of others. Finish your tasks on time and make some attempts to help others if needed. Also, accept the responsibility of your mistake and apologise humbly so that you do not lay a negative impression of your personality on others.

Keeping a little care of these aspects will let you reach heights in your career and you will surely emerge as a winner in your next appraisal cycle.

It’s your race against the time

It is often observed that people tend to tend to judge others on the basis of their recent performance and behavior. This makes it very evident that while you slogged to death to accomplish the targets, but if you failed in achieving the targets in the last quarter before appraisal cycle, you will be ranked low.

So make sure that while you manager is grading you on the basis of your recent performance, he/she doesn’t forgets about the hardwork that you have put in during the other quarters. Recency effect often distorts your perception as managers are questioned by the senior management on the low productivity of the executives. So take the onus of quantifying your KRA and present it in a way that the management can weigh it against the expected increment that you are looking forward to.

Be a ‘Go-getter’

While being at work, it is equally important to familiarize with the peers and managers. This familiarization process helps you develop a bond with them which in turn will motivate you to work with synergy in the team. The Mere Exposure Effect also goes in line with this theory and says that developing bond with your manager will somewhere have a positive image on your performance appraisal.

You can often share talks about your hobbies, causal family chats during the tea and lunch hours. A positive rapport will make you more visible in the office premises.

If needed Refresh Memory

Here comes another cognitive bias that is going to affect your grades during the appraisal cycle. This one is known as Availability Effect. As per this effect, it has been observed that managers usually rely on immediate examples that come to their mind when evaluating your performance.

Hence, make sure that your manager is aware of all the good deeds that you do at the workplace. Your contribution should not be counted as social work rather it should remain afresh in the mind of the evaluator while appraising your performance.

Being ‘Happy-go-lucky’ works

Being in the group and going with the flow is another trait that is cherished by managers in the organisation. It is popularly known as Cheerleader effect that suggests, individuals are more attractive when they are in a group. Remember when you applied for the job, the panel of interviewers questioned you ‘if you are comfortable working in the team or as an individual?’. They wanted to confirm it because it will certainly affect your performance at work.

In order to save your grades in the appraisal process, you will also be marked on your team skills. So do not ignore working on common projects with your team members and boss. It will act as an added boon because not only you will get time to form social bonds but you will also learn from.

We are sure that these biases somewhere affect the image of a person in the eyes of the manager. Hence, apart from work, if you pay a little attention on other aspects also, you will never feel down in the mouth during your next performance appraisal cycle.

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