7 Android apps to fight workplace stress

Does your job make you fatigued and stressed? Worry not! Here are 7 apps to help you fight workplace stress.

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7 Android apps to fight workplace stress
7 Android apps to fight workplace stress

Does your job make you fatigued and stressed? Worry not! A research conducted by American Psychological Association (APA) shows that 75 percent of employees consider their jobs to be a major source of stress. Workplace stress has multiple bearing on personal life of an individual. It not only affects the mental peace but disrupts family time too. People in constant hostage of stress enhances the rate of absenteeism, turnover, decreased productivity which has a cost on the organization’s profitability as well.

Before you become a victim of stress and experience negativity, take a look at these apps. They will save you from falling prey to stress and enjoy your day at work and home.

Here are 7 apps to help you fight workplace stress:


1. Self-Help Anxiety Management

The Self-Help Anxiety Management app will figure out what's making you anxious or stressed. Thereafter, it will suggest ways to combat your increasing stress levels. The app is loaded with information about mental relaxation techniques. When you will use the app regularly, it will present a graph of your anxiety so you can self-monitoring. It is created by a team of psychologists, computer scientists, and student users.  

2. FocusWatch

While working on important projects, an individual gets so much caught up that they tend to lose track of time. FocusWatch is an amazing app that will constantly remind its users to take necessary breaks. The app will act as your mother and remind you to take a moment away from the busy working schedule. Go and refresh yourself when directed by the app. It will help you regain more focus and productivity and beat the overwhelming stress.

3. Happify

While huge emphasis is put on acquiring crucial skills to become employable, but the skill to deal with stress remains ignored. Not to worry, Happify is a wonderful app that you must download right away. It develops the skills of dealing with stress in a seamless manner. Happify will unravel the source of your feelings. Thereafter, it will guide you to turn negative feelings into positive ones. At least 86 percent of Happify users reported being happier in two months. Try out your luck on the app and wand off the evil of stress from your life.

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4. AgreeDo

One of the major sources of workplace stress is ‘meetings’. The effort that goes in organizing, planning, conducting and brainstorming takes a toll on time and productivity. AgreeDo aims to reduce these efforts. AgreeDo redefines the traditional mode of conducting training. It creates teams and share clear agendas. Participants can add valuable comments before meeting commences. During the meeting, teams can easily keep track agenda to be discussed. With AgreeDo meetings will turn out more productive and rewarding for all members.

5. Colorfy

If nothing helps in pacifying the stress-levels, try colorfy! It is a unique and quirky colouring book that might seem kiddish while downloading. But when it comes to dealing with stress, its wide range of relaxing shapes and patterns will soothe your mind. You will enjoy glaring at splashes of colors that will heal your dull mind.

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6. Pacifica

You might feel reluctant seeking help from external sources to deal with stress. Pacifica is your personal doctor that helps you record your mood throughout the day and later identify patterns in your moods. Thereafter, depending upon the intensity of your stress, it suggests relaxation techniques calm your mind with mindfulness meditations, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and more. You can even check your progress overtime and improvements in the behavior.  


7. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is another time taking yet promising way to beat the heat of stress. If you do not have time to attend yoga classes and then download this app instantly. Look up single poses that will relax your mind and body. Yoga will set you free from negative thoughts and feelings.

Download any of the aforementioned seven apps to deal with workplace stress and keep stress at bay. To experience contentment, don’t let the anxiety levels become your adversary. These apps are fun and enjoyable and you can use them while commuting to the workplace. So that when you reach office and back home in evening, stress has nothing to meddle with your personal life.

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