7 soft skills that will help you stand apart from the crowd

In a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn of 291 hiring managers in the U.S. it was revealed that 59% managers believe that soft skills are difficult to find.

7 soft skills that will help you stand apart from the crowd
7 soft skills that will help you stand apart from the crowd

In a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn of 291 hiring managers in the U.S. it was revealed that 59% managers believe that soft skills are difficult to find. This implies that in the race of millions of job applicants (who are indeed knowledgeable and have numerous skills to prove their nerve), your soft skills will give you an edge in grabbing the right job opportunity. 

Alongside, the survey also brought to light some interesting facts about various industries where they are needed the most.


The requirement for the soft skills has become the crying need of the hour because of two primary reasons:

1. Customer is the King: For a customer, the employee is the face of the organisation and hence it is their responsibility to resonate the promise propagated by the brand via mass media. If the customer does not find you generous enough to serve their needs, they do not face the dearth of competitive products out there in the market.

2. Relationship Building: A person with excellent soft skills is likely to succeed more prosperously in comparison to their peers. It is because these skills help us in getting the work done in time and effectively and efficiently use our technical skills and knowledge at work. 

So, here we bring to you a list of most important soft-skills that will help you stand apart from the crowd and be unique. These skills are sought after by the hiring managers in the industry irrespective of the nature of the industry in which you work.

1. The Ability to Communicate

The foremost aspect of your personality can be judged by the way you communicate. Throughout your business lifespan, it is one of the powerful assets that can give you wings to fly high and achieve your goals effectively. And in order to polish your skills you need to follow the simple rule of 7Cs of communication that are illustrated in the image below.    


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These 7Cs might appear tough for you to achieve, but they have the power to impact your personality and create an aura on those interacting with you. Infact adding touch of aspects such as consideration and courtesy in your behaviour and personality can take you long way in professional life.

2. The Skill to Negotiate

Another important skill which will help you rise above the test is your competency to Negotiation with the other party. From the day you take up your first job ‘salary negotiation’, to every step ahead in professional life i.e. convincing the employees, putting your plan into action, cracking a monetary deal for business profits etc are some of the common incidents where this skill will come handy. 

Effective negation is often considered as a mutually beneficial relation wherein both the parties are in a win-win scenario. The image provided below, elucidates 6 modes of negotiation in their life. In your professional career, you need to understand which mode is applicable in the current scenario to turn the ball in your court.


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Mastering this skill will somewhere down the line make you a valuable asset for your organisation. It can also help you become the face of your organisation to the outside stakeholders. Moreover, an increased emphasis on the ‘relationship building’ style of negotiation is looked forwards in the contemporary corporate setting. 

3. Art of Time Management

Time Management is easily said than done. In the corporate setting you will often struggle to manage time due to the need for multitasking that will keep your day and weeks occupied. Hence, it is expected that you develop a sense of how you actually spend your time and keep a track of it. Thereafter you align your activities according to most important task first and then move gradually to the least important ones.


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Steven Covey in his book “First Things First” has talked about the importance of Prioritizing tasks by creating a 2×2 table. By following this rule we can identify the most urgent tasks that are simultaneously important. Following an approach like this will aid you in managing time and your tasks effectively.

The need for time management arises to enhance your productivity at work and let you shine as an ‘Employee of the Month’.

4. Understanding People Management


Ground rule for people management is no rocket science. Employees of an organisation will always stick to you till they get the requisite amount of respect and recognition as per their work.

There is a simple formula to retain employees and get the work done. But the first and foremost move comes from the HR personnel of the organisation i.e. to attract the talent.  Once you have chosen the right fit, it is important to train them as per the requirements of the job profile handled to that person. Thereafter, when the employee gets the training, and performs the task, a regular feedback for the performance comprising of both appreciation and shortcomings in the work needs to be delivered.

At a particular stage, employee also wants to get empowered, hence ensure that programmes such as ‘emplyee of the week/month’ are conducted to motivate the employees. Enabling the employees with additional responsibilities and accountability lets them feel empowered at work.

Reward is another form of expressing that their hardwork is being valued and they will feel motivated to give their 100 per cent at work. Hence, people management is not about pushing the employees at work but managing them to get the work done with their highest efficiency.

5. Stick to Work Commitment

In the professional world, there is a concept of organisation citizenship according to which a person who remains committed to achieve organisational goals is considered a good citizen of that organisational set up. This quality is often appreciated by not only your immediate manager but also the top level management. Fulfilling and discharging your responsibilities and tasks within the deadline is the barometer of commitment in an organisation. 

The flowchart beautifully elaborates the levels through which an employee grooms skill of work commitment in their personality.


Image Source: pinterest

If you respect and connect with the work ethics of your workplace then you are bound to experience and go through the following stages. Although it will involve a little extra effort by engaging your employees in sharing responsibilities, rewarding then rightfully, appreciating them and retaining but will pay well for the success of your organisation.

6. Learn to Work under Pressure

In a book by Hendrie Weisinger and J.P. Pawliw-Fry named “Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most” they talk about the difference between regular people and ultra-successful people. The quality to mitigate the negative vibes while working under pressure acts as a touchstone for their professional success.


When the time comes that you face such situation, learn to first accept the situation and then adapt yourself to it like a liquid does in any form of container. Thereafter, take control of the situation and do not let the pressure overpower you, rather you hold the reins of the situation to guide the path. The pressure will automatically ease and you will find your way out.

7. Becoming influential Leader

Being a leader is not an isolated skill in itself. It is a perfect amalgamation of various skills which when accepted by the receiver in the right spirit render you become their ‘Leader’.  If you have pioneered the skills mentioned above then people will find a leader in you in the natural course of action.

The below listed traits are the hallmark of a fine leader. These traits are a check-list to introspect if you are eligible to be considered as a leader for the ones who you inspire and work with.


Image Source: pinterest

The seven soft-skills mentioned above are most sought-after skills that are required in the industry for professional success. These skills are also life hacks to deal with any situation be it at the personal or professional front. In any industry where you go, you will constantly face an inside battle to ward off all the negativities. These qualities will help you keep the bad omens and challenges at bay and lead a happy life.

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