7 careers you didn’t know you could pursue with an MBBS

Joined MBBS but don’t want to pursue the traditional career path of a doctor? Check out these 7 alternate career options for doctors with an MBBS degree.

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7 careers you didn’t know you could pursue with an MBBS
7 careers you didn’t know you could pursue with an MBBS

The medical field is one of the most sought after occupations in India. Stability, the tag of a profession and a good income are the primary reasons lakhs of students flock to attempt NEET and AIIMS every year. But, as a student, you might not think about what it really means to work in a hospital. Long hours, uncertainty of your shift timings, exhaustion, and burnout are all hazards of working in the traditional setting of a hospital. The Physician’s Foundation, conducted a study in 2010 and found that, 40% of doctors planned to drop out of patient care, either by retiring or seeking a non-clinical job. However, we have been conditioned to think the medical field is synonyms with patient treatment and care. But there are ample options in this field that remain scarcely explored in India. Let’s look at some of them:


If you were motivated by the sole purpose of saving lives, this career will reward you like no other. Organisations like International Committee of the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, International Medical Corps, are always on the lookout for talented doctors who can soldier through difficult conditions. In such a job you would be expected to treat patients in remote areas, sometimes even war affected areas. The spectrum of conditions you will deal with range from tropical diseases to trauma surgery. Each organisation has  different criteria for admission, but MBBS is a compulsion for all.

Forensic Pathologist

As a pathologist, you can either choose to be a clinical pathologist or an anatomical pathologist. Some pathologists work out of a hospital, but it’s a different ball game compared to the regular physician. Most pathologists work very closely with law enforcement. The job of a pathologist is to analyse the cause of death, usually of individuals who passed away unexpectedly, violently or under suspicious circumstances. By the end of their autopsy, they need to prepare reports of their findings, which must be bullet proof, to defend their report in court, if necessary.


Medical Researcher

Did you ever want to discover or invent the cure to cancer? Here’s a profession that lets you pursue your passion. A medical researcher adds to the existing scientific knowledge about various diseases. They conduct clinical research to deep dive into the cause, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Usually clinical trials run for a long period of time and involve a lot of participants. This takes effort, extensive study and maintaining detailed notes through the process. If you’re lucky, your hypothesis might just be proved right and you will become a known figure in the medical field.

Sports Medicine

Were you always passionate about sports, but you chose the conventional option, MBBS? Well, here’s how you can combine the two things you love! Every sport needs doctors, not only to tend to injuries during the game, but to monitor every player’s health through the season. It’s an exciting job where you get to travel and live like your favourite athletes.

Medico Legal Advisor

Every other hospital drama on TV has one thing in common, law suits. Every doctor has ethical and legal responsibilities towards their patients. However, if they fail to uphold those, they can find themselves in the midst of a medico legal case- basically a legal case that requires medical expertise. A Medico Legal Advisor(MLA) manages any situation where a doctor’s professional reputation is at risk. This could include clinical negligence claims, registration body investigations, tribunals, fatal accident inquiries, ethical or disciplinary matters etc. MLAs have to coordinate the doctor’s defence and advice them on the case, since they have adequate medical and legal knowledge. If you are a good communicator, you have a knack to notice things that would otherwise slip under the radar and wish to defend the reputation of doctors across the nation, this might be your calling.


Medical Journalist

Are you more comfortable with a pen in your hand, rather than a scalpel? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck! As a medical journalist, you will write articles about health and medicine either in general publications, mass media or medical journals. Armed with medical knowledge, you’re the perfect candidate to tell the world the latest findings in the field, write peer reviews and about health. All you need is anMaster degree in Journalism and find the publication that appeal to you.

Physician Recruiter

Every hospital needs amazing doctors. You can be the person who finds these doctors and brings them to the hospital. Since you already know the skill level required for the job, it’s easy for you to find the right fit. Apart from that, you need to portray your hospital the best environment for such doctors to grow, and in association the best place to work. Think of yourself as a headhunter for doctors. You can either work with a recruitment agency or the hospital itself.

It’s time to look outside the box. Don’t stick with the conventional, when there are a variety of options out there. Choose a career that makes you want to go to work every morning!

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Manish Kumar graduated from IIT Bombay in 2006 with a degree in Metallurgical and Materials Science. He then pursued masters in Materials Science Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Post his graduation, he joined Indian School Finance Company, where he was part of the core team responsible for business strategies and growth. In 2013, he co-founded SEED Schools, a venture focused on improving quality of low-cost K-12 education in India with a vision to make quality education accessible. He is currently Vice President of Product - Learning & Pedagogy at Toppr.com.

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