How can using a Skin Care Product make you productive this summer?

According to the report published by the Urban Climate Change Research Network, 970 cities will have the average temperature of 35 degree Celsius by 2050, while the figure is 354 cities as of now. The rise in temperature at such a rapid rate is a cause of concern. It’s time to stay protected from the harmful UV rays.

Created On: Jul 2, 2019 14:49 IST
How can using a Skin Care Product make you productive this summer?
How can using a Skin Care Product make you productive this summer?

Do you know that your productivity decreases by 45% when the temperature goes beyond 35 degree Celsius? This is the report of NASA.  

This is an alarming situation where everyone needs to be cautious not only in terms of health but also productivity.

Since we live in houses made of bricks and not of cucumbers, we really need to stay cool and composed under such hot conditions.

This is the time when the risk of rashes, dry patches, sunburns and overly oil skin make your skin dull and undernourished. Therefore, you should follow these skincare hacks this summer to beat the heat waves:

Apply Sunscreen whenever you are stepping outdoors

If you are stepping outdoors in the sun, you should ensure to apply sunscreen, specifically on the face to stay protected from the heat wave. However, always try to use gentle lotion that is moisturized with organic elements just like this Sunscreen from Organic Harvest, which is best-suited for all skin types.

Use a Face Spray to feel fresh and cool

Whenever you are on the move, use a Face Mist to keep your skin cool and refreshed. You can use this Face Mist to sooth, brighten and hydrate your skin. Even when you come out after taking a shower, you can use this spray to brighten your complexion and feel revived. This Natural Cucumber and Mint Facial Spray is just the right solution for you to have this summer.

Take shade under an Umbrella

Using an Umbrella at this point of time will give double benefits. As monsoon is also approaching, it will not only keep you protected from the heat wave but also from the rain. If you really don’t want to fall ill during this season, use an umbrella. You can have this Double Layer Windproof Inverted Umbrella that will not bend or break with the wind flow. The special technology stops water dripping from the umbrella as well, keeping your floor dry and clean.

Start using water solution based Moisturizer

This time, you need to change your old moisturizer with a Water Solution Based Oil-Free Moisturizer as it will not only hydrate but also nourish your skin. You can use this UV Sun Protection Moisturizer to get healthy and glowing skin.

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Use Aloe Vera gel regularly

If one skincare product that you need to have throughout the year, it has to be Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera gel has natural healing qualities that can easily treat sun burns, irritated skin and rashes. Besides, it can also keep your skin glowing and cool under hot conditions. Start using this Herbal Aloe Vera Gel to soothe your skin.

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This complete skincare package will surely keep you cool, refreshed and active this summer.

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