Best Start-Up Ideas For The Hidden Entrepreneur In College Students

What's common between Snapchat and Facebook apart from their obsession among youngsters? Well, it's the fact that both these social media platforms were founded by college students.

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What's common between Snapchat and Facebook apart from their obsession among youngsters? Well, it's the fact that both these social media platforms were founded by college students.

The reason why college is considered to be a great place for launching your own start-up is that it provides necessary exposure with so many people of similar age around. Your friends and acquaintances are your biggest customers and because of approachability, you can easily get required feedback.

However, it could be difficult to decide what your start up should be based on! Worry not as we bring to you the best of the start up ideas:

Making customized cards

Making customized cards is a business you can expand after the college as this is something which will always stay profitable owing to its nature. Birthdays and anniversaries are events which come very year and you can cash in on this opportunity. You can make a loyal customer base in college by making special cards on valentine's day, diwali etc. It is highly likely that these people keep buying cards from you for a long time if they happen to like them.

Starting a baking business

If  you are heavily into cooking and love to make good food for people, this can be very good business idea for you. Once you have done a profitable business in the college, you can go on to expand it to public events like birthdays etc. Baking does not involve a very expensive start and the raw materials can be bought for not too much. This can get you considerable profits if you do good marketing and maintain the quality.


You can start teaching your juniors or kids in the neighbourhood to earn extra money. Once you pass out of college, you can develop it into a big business by involving others with you. A lot of people depend upon only tuitions to earn their living and are not let down. With coaching classes becoming an important aspect of education these days, the foundation of this business can be laid in college itself.

Wedding planning

Thanks to Bollywood movies like Band Baaja Baraat, wedding planning has become a mainstream business these days. This sure is a business or start up idea which can be continued later in life. You can form a creative team and start the business by planning smaller weddings and later go for bigger projects. People these days do not mind spending money on the weddings and you can use this trend to advance your career.

Cloth designing

Cloth designing in college is usually closely associated with fashion blogging. A lot of youngster have become popular fashion bloggers by using Instagram and are now hired by online fashion stores and other portals to design clothes in collaboration. This business requires persistence and constant motivation, besides excellent social media skills and the knowledge of how to connect with as many people as possible.

Become an event photographer

This is not a business but a profession which can be started at college level and successfully done full-time afterwards. You can easily manage 2-3 events a week with college and more during summer or winter breaks. This will help you get a positive word-of-mouth spread for yourself while still studying. The opportunities in this field are enormous and can be exploited for full benefit.

Make social networking site for your institution

It's true that presence of sites like Facebook and Twitter do not leave much to be desired for, for students but it should not deter you to develop such a platform on your own. With proper advertising etc, it will become a famous portal as it would be exclusive to your college. You can also make a formal platform where both teachers and students can interact, making it a forum kind of a thing.

Buying and selling

We are not sure about the longevity of this business model, but it is nevertheless a great way to earn money in college. You can buy things related to home decor or fashion in bulk from flea markets and later sell them in your college for higher prices. Try keeping the prices slightly less than the market so that the students are lured to buy the products. You can talk to people at college to get a better idea of what they would want to buy and depending on the demand, coupled with your own sense of fashion, you can buy things.

Starting a business in college can make you financially independent which would be a great feeling. You can use this money to expand your business and save some of it for your future plans. You can also use it pay your tuition fee so that you are burdened by the debts and things are easy for your parents as well.

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