Body Language for Job Interview

During a job interview, your body language reveals more about you than your resume or CV. So here are a few tips to manage your body language during a job interview.

Body Language for Job Interview
Body Language for Job Interview

In today’s competitive job market, merely having the right qualities and qualifications is not enough to impress the interviewer. It is often said that interviewers are masters of reading one’s body language and decide whether to hire you or not during the first five minutes of the job interview merely by assessing your body language. Therefore, If you want to stand out and leave a mark you must exhibit all the right expressions and use your body language to build a positive and confident image about yourself.

Your Eyes Tell the Story

The old adage that ‘your eyes are the window of your soul’ stands completely true when you talk about job interviews. Interviewers often gauge your confidence level and comfort with the job your are interviewing for merely by looking into your eyes.

Therefore, when you appear for a job interview, make sure that you maintain intermittent eye contact. Generally, it is assumed that people often tell the truth and are honest about themselves when they maintain constant eye-contact.

Kill it with your Smile

Smile is your biggest asset when it comes to a job interview. You smile is an indication of your attentiveness and alertness to what the interviewers are saying. It also indicates that you are optimistic and have high hopes about the current job opportunity. A genuine smile is easy to identify and exhibits your true persona to the interviewer. Plus a real smile connects well with the interviewers and exhibits your comfort about the job prospect.

Hand Shake and Hand Gestures

Hand gesturesare the first point of gracing the interviewer which helps them gauge your confidence level. A weak and harsh handshake must be avoided when you grace the interview panel. It may give an impression of your timid or dominating disposition to others.

Keep the handshake firm! The right way for an appropriate handshake is to stretch your fingers and make a 45° angle with your thumb. Let the skin between your thumb and index finger touch your partner’s hand and then close your fingers around his or her hand.   You can also use your hand gestures to make the conversation more interesting or put across a point more effectively.

Raising fingers

You raise your fingers to prove your point when your interviewer asks you to explain something. Stop doing this immediately because you never know how would your interviewer interpret it. He may consider it an unprofessional or uncivilised behaviour and you might be perceived as unprofessional one. Apart from this, pointing out something with raising your fingers might end your discussion with interviewer in aggressive way. So, avoid it especially when you’re discussing and explaining something to your interviewer.

Sitting Posture

Your sitting posture is another highlight for the interviewer to gauge your alertness and confidence level. When you are asked to take aseat, make sure that you sit up-right and relax but lean slightly forward way where your shoulders drop naturally and your back is straight but not flexed backwards. Avoid sitting in a position in which you appear like a statue neither you should lean in aggressively on the chair. On the other hand, hunching down in your chair lays an impression of nervousness and low self-esteem.

Being fidgety

If you have the habit of touching your face or playing with your hairduring a job interviews, stop doing it right away. A job interview is a formal setup and therefore your behaviour and body language must also reflect the same. If you are too fidgety it would look as if you aren’t paying heed to your interviewer. Your interviewer might count it as your unprofessional and uncivilised behaviour which could cost your job.

Leg Posture

Another crucial aspect of your body language is the ‘Leg Posture’. Constant leg movement is distracting and exhibits nervousness in the interviewee. So, sit up straight and keep your legs together.

Job Interviews are a tough to crack and your body language can be one major asset that can help you overcome this challenge and win your dream job. But the challenge with body language is that it is habitual and therefore can’t be learned or changed overnight. So, start inculcating the right Body Language from today itself, so that you can leave a lasting impression on your interviewer during a job interview.

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