BPSC (Bihar PCS) Mains Exam 2018 : Most Important Topics to Study

Most important questions for the BPSC Mains (Bihar PCS ) 2018 are given at one place to help the candidates in their BPSC Mains preparation.

important topics for bpsc mains exam 2018
important topics for bpsc mains exam 2018

The BPSC Mains Exam 2018 will be held just after the declaration of the BPSC Prelims Exam. The BPSC Prelims was held on 16 December 2018 across various centres of the state and many candidates appeared in this exam. The BPSC Prelims Exam 2018 result has been declared. Those candidates, who clear the BPSC Prelims exam, will appear in the BPSC Mains Exam 2018. In this article, we are providing some important questions for the BPSC Mains Exam 2018.

BPSC Mains Exam 2018: Tips and Strategy for Preparation

BPSC Mains 2018: Exam Pattern

The BPSC Mains exam will have a qualifying paper General Hindi. The candidates need to pass this Paper in order to get their GS Paper 1 and 2 checked. The Papers of General Studies Paper 1 and General Studies Paper 2 will be of 300 marks each. Also, there is an Optional Paper which the candidate has to choose while filling the Online Application Form. The Optional Paper carries 300 marks. The BPSC Mains Exam consists of 900 marks in total.

Stage of Exam

Name of Paper

Total Marks


Main Exam


General Hindi (Qualifying)


3 Hours

General Studies Paper 1


3 Hours

General Studies Paper 2


3 Hours

Optional Paper


3 Hours


Interview judges the personality of the candidates. The members of the Interview Board want to know the administrative aptitude and decision making ability of the candidates through interview.

The candidates who pass the BPSC mains Exam 2018 will be called for the Interview. The Interview is of 120 marks. The final merit will be prepared on the basis of 1020 marks (900 for Mains Exam + 120 for the Interview).

BPSC Mains Exam 2018: Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Important Topics and Questions of General Hindi (Qualifying Paper)

In the Paper of General Hindi, the questions will be asked from the topic like essay, grammar, sentence structure and summarisation. The candidates should prepare these topics but not necessarily in detail. The Paper is qualifying in nature and marks will not be considered for the merit.

Important Topics and Questions of General Studies Paper 1

  • Successors of Mughal Dynasty
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his successors
  • Maratha administration and Peshwas
  • Rise of the regional states and European power
  • History of Punjab and important Sikh warriors
  • Major Rajput provinces of India
  • History of Mysore, Awadh, Jats and Hyderabad
  • Independent rulers of Bengal during 17th Century
  • Establishment of the Portugal, Dutch, French East India Company, British India Company
  • Battle of Buxar and its causes and consequences
  • Subsidiary Alliance
  • Doctrine of Lapse
  • Different Acts and its features (Regulating Act, Pitt’s India Act, Charter Act, Government of India Act, Indian Council Act etc.)
  • 18th Century Revolts
  • Social reforms and reformers (Vivekananda, Ishwar Chandra Vidhya Sagar, Derozio, Ram Mohan Roy, Syed Ahmad Khan etc.)
  • Development of Education and Press in British India
  • Indian National Congress: Sessions, Contributions & Resolutions
  • Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
  • Formation of Muslim League
  • Anti-Rowlatt Satyagraha and Swadeshi Movement
  • Swaraj Party and its Work
  • Civil Disobedience Movement, Gandhi-Irwin Pact, Poona Pact, Quit India movement
  • Current events of national and international importance
  • Modern history of Bihar (introduction and expansion of western education and technical education, Bihar’s role in the freedom struggle)
  • Santhal Uprising, 1857 revolution in Bihar, Birsa movement, Champaran Satyagrah, Quit India Movement
  • Features of Mauryan & Pal art, Patna Qulam painting

Salary and Promotion of SDM in BPSC

Important Topics and Questions of General Studies Paper 2

  • Indian Constitution: Framing, Features, Amendments, Basic Structure, Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties
  • Parliamentary System, President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
  • Federalism, Centre-State relations, Supreme Court, High Courts, Judicial Review
  • Election Commission of India, Comptroller and Auditor General, Union Public Service Commission, NITI Aayog, Central Vigilance Commission, National Human Rights Commission
  • Language and Gender in Indian Politics, Political Parties and Electoral Behaviour, Civil Society and Political Movement
  • Major Sectors of Economy: Agriculture, Industry & Service
  • Banking, Concept of Money supply, Role and Functions of Central Bank & Commercial Banks, Financial Inclusion
  • Tax reforms in India- Direct & Indirect, subsidies, Fiscal Policy of India
  • Role of Foreign Capital, MNCs, PDS, FDI, Exim Policy
  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Dairy and Animal husbandry
  • Growth, Development & Planning of Industrial Sector
  • Mountains, Plateaus, Plains, Lakes and Glaciers
  • Origin of Monsoon, Seasonal Climatic conditions, Distribution of rainfall
  • Water, Forest, Soil, Rocks & Mineral
  • Growth, Distribution, Density, Sex-ratio, Literacy of Population
  • States of Matter and their properties
  • pH Scale and its importance
  • Corrosion and its prevention
  • Soap and Detergents
  • Polymers, their making and uses
  • Digestive, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, coordination and reproductive system of Human beings
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Food, Malnutrition, Intoxicants, Blood, Blood Group and Immunity (Antigen, Antibodies)
  • Communicable & Non Communicable Diseases, Acute and Chronic Diseases
  • Water quality and purification

Salary and Promotion of DSP in BPSC

Optional Paper

In the BPSC Mains Exam, apart from General Hindi, GS Paper 1 & 2, there will be an Optional paper that carries 300 marks. There are 34 Papers in the Optional Paper list. The candidate has to choose one out of these 34 Papers. The syllabus of the Optional Paper will be same as that of the Three- Year Honours Paper of the respective subject of Patna University.

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