Business Quiz of the Week: 5 June – 11 June

A quiz based on the latest developments in the business world for the 5 June to 11 June 2014 week. Read and know how well updated you are.

Created On: Jun 11, 2014 09:18 IST

Q1. Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare launched a 4 minute video named as?

a) Health and Family
b) Health Benefits
c) The Price We Pay
d) The Price of Health

Q2. Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of maternal and child health campaign field in Madhya Pradesh?

a) Sridevi
b) Madhuri Dixit
c) Manisha Koirala
d) Rekha

Q3. Who won the Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction 2014?

a) Eimear McBride
b) Roddy Doyle
c) Oscar Wilde
d) Johnathan Swift

Q4. Guess the Personality who was part of the Parle G Biscuit packets?

a) Neetu Chandra
b) Menka Puri
c) Neeru Deshpande
d) Sonia Srivasatva

Q5. Facebook recently launched a photo messaging app in competition to?

a) SnapChat
b) TapTalk
c) WhatsApp
d) None of these

Q6. Guess the logo of a photo messaging App

a) TapTalk
b) SnapChat
c) WhatsApp
d) None of these

Q7. Who topped the Forbes annual list of Most Powerful Women 2014?

a)  Hillary Clinton
b) Angela Merkel
c) Janet Yellen
d) None of these

Q8. Who was recently appointed as Micromax Chairman?

a) Sanjay Kapoor
b) Amit Kumar Paliwal
c) Arun Sharma
d) Satya Mathur

Q9. Future Lifestyle Fashions acquired what percentage in Unico Retail?

a) 9%
b) 12%
c) 15%
d) 18%

Q10. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. recently had a pact with which GSM operator for 24*7 LPG Booking?
a) Aircel
b) Idea Cellular
c) Airtel
d) Vodafone

Question No. Answer
1. C
2. B
3. A
4. C
5. A
6. B
7. B
8. A
9. B
10. B

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