Career in Agribusiness Management

MBA in Agribusiness management is usually taken up by the aspirants who have studied science in higher secondary. Read the article to know what it holds for you.

Jun 12, 2014 16:13 IST

Agribusiness Management- Introduction:

India being an Agro based nation where more than 60 % of the economy runs and capitalizes on Agriculture, it’s one of the prime and the most essential sectors on which Industrialists, Ministers as well as the Government eyes at.

All the activities in which Firms involve farmers and agriculture in their business transactions comes under one broad belt of Agri-business. Basically there falls 4 major operational events in Agri business. They are:

  1. Investment
  2. Production
  3. Processing
  4. Marketing and Transportation.

In this way the proper use of the advanced technologies to widespread the agricultural production and add more revenue and values to the nation’s economy is the essence of a perfect agri-business.

Importance of Agribusiness Management in India:

Being one of the emerging developing nation and more than 60% of the nation’s economy depending either directly or indirectly on agriculture it has become very crucial to understand the essentialities of agriculture, it’s impact on business and allied activities. Moreover, the ever increasing and tremendously growing demand of agribusiness many universities have started the post graduate programme in the same stream with nice placement opportunities.

Career Prospects:

Career wise this is very fruitful and one of the rapidly increasing career options for all groups of students but basically those with management background can have an excellent platform to start their career with.Those who have good potential can find tremendously increasing growth in this field.

Courses in the field:

  1. PGDM
  2. MBA-Agriculture and Food Business
  3. Master of Agricultural Economics and Business Management
  4. Diploma in Agribusiness Management
  5. Master’s programme in Agri-business Management

Institutes offering the course:

The institutes offering the course of Agribusiness Management are as follows:

  • IIM-Ahmedabad
  • IIM-Lucknow
  • Amity Business School- Noida
  • A.M.U-Aligarh
  • L.N.Wellingker, Mumbai
  • FMS-Varanasi
  • BHU-Varanasi
  • National Institute Of Agricultural Marketing-Jaipur
  • IABM
  • Others: Allahabad Agricultural University, IIFM-Bhopal, NIRD-Hyderabad, SIIB-Pune etc.

Entrance exams to get in:

  • CAT
  • MAT
  • CMAT
  • SNAP

Job opportunities and Pay-offs:

The studies of Agro-business Management comes of with tremendous fine job opportunities as the students can join in Warehousing, fertilizer’s company, seed manufacturing companies, rural banks and insurance sectors etc and the pay packages are also quite handsome. Besides it comes with lots of learning experience and makes a student earn even more in future.

To sum up:

The career options of getting into Agro-business Management is a nice and diversified option altogether with a wide range of career options and various incremental opportunities that can both help a prospect earn more and more on one hand and add to the economy of the nation on the other hand.

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