Career in Animation: Prospects & Opportunities

Career in Animation has emerged as a popular and lucrative career choice among the youngsters. Let’s understand what are the career prospects and opportunities for the students in the field of animation and how they can build a lucrative career in this domain.

Created On: Oct 1, 2018 17:35 IST
Career in Animation: Prospects & Opportunities
Career in Animation: Prospects & Opportunities

Animation has emerged as a top career option within the media and entertainment industry. The domain has become a popular career option among the youngsters who want to join the entertainment sector and build a successful career. So, let’s discuss the key aspects related to career in animation and also understand the different type of courses as well as job and career options that are available to animators.

Animation: Career Prospects

Animation as a career option, offers excellent opportunities to the students.  There are different fields within Animation in which students can specialize and build their career. These include2D animation & post production, 3D animation & visual effects, VFX, multimedia and technology, digital art and technology. You can get into pre-production and post-production, traffic designing and web development options are many.

Top Courses in Animation

Now, that we have explored the different career options available in the field of animation, it is time to look at the top animation courses that are available in India. There are multiple courses at the bachelors and masters level.

Undergraduate Courses in Animation

For bachelors, you can do B. Sc in Animation & Multimedia you can do a B. Sc honors in multimedia production & technology, B. Sc Honors in digital art & technology. You can do a BA in film making & technology or digital multimedia. So, options are many.

Postgraduate Courses in Animation

When you look at the Masters program you can do a PG Diploma in Animation, you could do MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in multimedia animation and content management, MA in 3D animation, MA in multimedia & post production.

Who should opt for Career in Animation?

So, if you have a creative bent of mind, if you have a creative talent, you love to draw, you love to use computers to exhibit your talent or if you love to communicate and talk media entertainment and animation may be the industry that you are looking for.

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