CBSE class 10 and 12 exams 2018 likely to be conducted in two shifts

CBSE is planning to conduct the board exams for classes 10 and 12 from year 2018, on the same dates in two shifts with Class 12 exam in morning and class 10 exam in afternoon. Board is taking this step to spare more time for evaluation process.

CBSE Examination Schedule

In an effort to spare more time to evaluation process, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) proposes to hold the finals for classes 10 and 12 on same dates in two shifts. This will reduce the examination period thereby giving teachers extra time to check answer-scripts more thoroughly.

Currently there are separate time-tables for the CBSE Classes 10 and 12 exams which usually begin from March 1 and run close to 45 days because of an array of subjects.

With the new scheme of CBSE, exams for both the classes will be scheduled to take place on common dates, with Class 12 exam in the morning and Class 10 exam in the afternoon. This will somewhere decrease the overall duration of the finals.

However, the final decision over the implementation of board’s suggested scheme will be taken after reviewing the suggestions of various stakeholders.

The Board has set up two committees to work on the proposed idea and review the suggestions over the same before a final decision is taken.

This year the CBSE’s evaluation has drawn much criticism as a number of students complained for faulty evaluation in CBSE Exams 2017.

The board defending its system said that it took extra care to come up  with error-free evaluation, but the possibility of human error cannot be ruled out in calculating the marks, putting them on answer-scripts and feeding them manually in computers.

A senior board official, talking on the whole affair said that the board is taking every necessary step to further improve the system. A meeting with principals was called to gather views before deciding anything on the evaluation and examination system.

A principal while putting his suggestions ahead said , “Extra time allotted to evaluation process will be better for teachers to make an error-free evaluation that I turn will be better for the students as well.”

Only a month gone when CBSE had proposed an idea to advance the class 10 and twelve exams by 15 days so that exams for both the classes may be concluded earlier than usual schedule, to give more time to evaluation process.

CBSE boards may begin a month early from 2018 giving more time for evaluation process

Thus the board is trying to take every essential measure to bring an error-free evaluation to students so as to ignore any evaluation related trouble in future.

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