CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Guess Paper 2018

In this article you will get the CBSE Class 10 Science solved guess paper for board exam 2018. This paper has been prepared as per the latest examination pattern and covers the whole syllabus of class 10 Science. All the questions given in this paper are very important from exam point of view.

CBSE Class 10 Maths Guess Paper
CBSE Class 10 Maths Guess Paper

Here, you will get the CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Guess Paper 2018. This practice paper contains questions from all important topics of CBSE class 10 Science.

This guess paper is specially prepared by the subject experts after the brief analysis of previous year question papers and the latest examination format. The paper contains entirely fresh questions picked from the most important topics of class 10 Science.

Some significant features of this paper are:

  • Covers the whole syllabus of CBSE class 10 Science.
  • Follows the latest examination pattern for class 10 Science board exam 2018.
  • Each question has been provided with an apt and easy solution.
  • Questions have been asked from only those topics which are important from exam point of view.

Practicing this paper will help the students in understanding the depth with which a topic should be studied in order to prepare in a more effective way to get the desired results.

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Sample Paper 2017-2018

Structure of this paper is as below:

  • This paper consists of 27 questions divided into two sections, A and B.
  • Question numbers 1 and 2 in Section-A are one mark question.
  • Question numbers 3 to 5 in Section- A are two marks questions.
  • Question numbers 6 to 15 in Section-A are three marks questions.
  • Question numbers 16 to 21 in Section-A are 5 marks questions.
  • Question numbers 22 to 27 in Section- B are practical based question carrying two marks each.
  • Total Marks: 80
  • Maximum Time: 3 hours

This CBSE Class 10 Science Guess Paper will not only help you acquaint with the important topics of Science but also give you a preview of the question paper which you will be solving in the class 10 Science board exam 2018.

CBSE Class 10 Maths NCERT Solution

Some sample questions and their solutions from the CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Guess Paper 2018 are given below:

Q. (a) What is living fossils? Give two examples of living fossils?


A living fossil is a living organism of ancient origin that has remained virtually unchanged from the time of its origin and whose close relatives are usually extinct.

For example:  horseshoe crab  and crustaceans descendants of the early arthropods.

Q. (a) What are the functions performed by the testis in human beings?

(b) Why do testes in mammals descend into scrotum?


(a) Testis are the sites for the formation of sperms. They also produce a hormone named testosterone which is responsible for secondary sex characters in males.

(b) The growth and maintenance of spermatogenic tissue and spermatogenesis require a cooler temperature than the body temperature. This is provided by the descent of testes into scrotum.

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Board Exam 2018: Latest Exam Pattern

Q. Write the full form of DNA. Name the part of the cell where it is located. Explain its role in the process of reproduction of the cell.


The full form of DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid.

It is the genetic material found in the chromosomes, which are present in the nucleus of a cell.

Role of DNA in the process of reproduction of the cell: DNA is transmitted to the embryo to give it the genetical characteristics. The reproducing cell produces an identical copy of DNA through some cellular mechanism. Since the newly formed copy of DNA lacks an organised cellular structure, the cell gets divided to provide cell cover to the newly formed DNA. Thus, two daughter cells are formed from the single cell as a result of the copying of DNA.

Q.  List two tests for experimentally distinguishing between an alcohol and a carboxylic acid and describe how these tests are performed.


1. Litmus Test: Take two strips of blue litmus paper. Place a drop each of the alcohol and carboxylic acid on these strips separately. The blue litmus paper turns red in the case of carboxylic acid and remains unaffected in the case of alcohol.

2. Sodium hydrogen carbonate test/sodium carbonate test: A pinch of sodium hydrogen carbonate or sodium carbonate is added, to both separately. If brisk effervescence with the evolution of a colorless gas is observed, it indicates the presence of carboxylic acid. If no change is observed then it confirms the presence of the alcohol.

Q. Write two precautions to be taken while identifying different parts of an embryo of a dicot seed.


(i) Conditions essential for the seed germination, like warmth, moisture and air, should be optimum.

(ii) Care must be taken to separate two cotyledons so that the embryonal axis is intact.

Get the complete CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Guess Paper 2018, here

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