CBSE Class 10 Social Science Board Exam 2020: Check Important Question from Chapter 1 of Geography (Resources & Development)

Check this article for important MCQs from Chapter 1 of Geography for Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2020.

Important Question from Chapter 1 of Geography (Resources & Development
Important Question from Chapter 1 of Geography (Resources & Development

CBSE is conducting the Social science board exam for Class 10th on 18th March 2020. If you are appearing for the class 10th board exam this year check this article for important questions and answers from Chapter 2 - Resources & Development from Geography textbook. 

Ques 1 How is over-irrigation responsible for land degradation in Punjab?     

Ans: Over irrigation is responsible for land degradation due to water logging leading to increase in salinity and alkalinity in the soil.

Ques 2 How is cement industry responsible for land-degradation?

Ans: The mineral processing like grinding of limestone for cement industry is responsible for land degradation.

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Ques 3 “Conservation of resource is vital for development.” Give one example regarding the statement.  

Ans: Conservation of resources- afforestation, water treatment

Ques 4 Classify resources on the basis of origin.

Ans: Biotic and Abiotic

Ques 5 Explain land use pattern in India and why has the land under forest not increased much since 1960-61?

Ans: Land resources in India are primarily divided into: 

- agricultural land,

- forest land,

- land meant for pasture and grazing, and

- waste land which includes rocky, arid and desert areas, and land used for other non-agricultural purposes such as housing, roads and industry.

According to the recent data, about 54% of the total land area is cultivable, 22.5% is covered by forests, and 3.45% is used for grazing. The rest is waste land with traces of miscellaneous cultivation.

Ques 6 Name three states having black soil and the crop which is mainly grown in it.

Ans:  Three states having black soil are: Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Black soil is ideal for growing cotton.

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Ques 7 What are the biotic and abiotic resources? Give some examples.

Ans: Biotic resources are composed of living things, and are derived from the biosphere, e.g., human beings, fisheries and livestock.

Abiotic resources are composed of non-living things, e.g., metals and rocks.

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