CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper 2013

Here you can find Class 12 solved CBSE sample paper for 2013 Accountancy, along with the official marking scheme. Answer all these questions and upgrade your preparation for the upcoming CBSE board examination.
To score exceptionally well in CBSE examinations, a revision exercise that appropriately incorporates practice session using CBSE sample papers is a ‘must’. A racy practice session using CBSE sample papers can help students become sure of a very good score in the final examinations.

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Are you prepared for the Accountancy Paper for 2013 CBSE board examination!!!

Then test your preparations here by solving Accountancy Sample Paper CBSE 2013, given here

Unit 1. Accounting for Partnership firms - Fundamentals

Partnership: features, Partnership deed.

Provisions of the Indian Partnership Act 1932 in the absence of partnership deed.

Fixed v/s fluctuating capital accounts, division of profit among partners, guarantee of profits, past adjustments (relating to interest on capital,

interest on drawing, salary and profit sharing ratio), preparation of P&L Appropriation account.

Goodwill: nature, factors affecting and methods of valuation - average profit, super profit, and capitalization

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