CBSE 12th Business Studies Board Exam 2020: Check Important Questions & Answers of Chapter 6 (Staffing)

Here are the important questions & answers of CBSE Class 12 Business Studies (Chapter 6- Staffing). The complied set of NCERT based questions will be helpful for students appearing for CBSE Board Exam 2020.

CBSE Business Studies Chapter 6
CBSE Business Studies Chapter 6

Students giving CBSE board exam 2020 must go through the questions & answers of CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6 (Staffing). The below mentioned questions are from the first book of Business Studies and have both the short type and long type questions from the book.

Q1- Mention briefly the important sources of recruitment.

Ans- The two very important sources of recruitment in any organisation are.

  • Internal sources: Internal sources of recruitment are the sources that are within the organisation
  • External Sources: External sources of recruitment are those sources of recruitment that exist outside the organisation

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Q2- Why Aptitude test is conducted during the process of selection?

Ans: An aptitude test is conducted to measure and scale the applicant’s potential for learning a skill.

Q3- What is Training. In what way is it different from education?

Ans- Training is to enhance the skills, abilities, and competence that is required for a specific job profile. While education means the process which improves the overall knowledge and understanding of the employees. 

Q4- Why ‘employment interview’ is conducted by an organisation in the process of selection?

Ans: Organisations conduct employee interviews in order to assess the applicant’s feasibility for the position and to check if the person is suitable for the prescribed job post.

Q5- Give the reason why internal sources of recruitment are considered to be more economical?  

Ans- Internal sources give the advantage of being more economical than any other source of recruitment. It is also cheaper in terms of saving time as well as money.

Q6- Mention the next step of selection?

Ans: The next step of selection is Placement and Orientation.

Q7- Mention the advantages of training to the individual and to the organisation?

Ans- Training is an important part of the job that aims at improving and growing the aptitude and knowledge of a person as prescribed in the job description. It benefits the organisation through the improved skills and output of the employee.  

Q8- Explain how the current day human resource management is a broader concept.

Answer: In the present time human resource management involves:

  • Assisting in achieving the goals that are set by the organisation along with accomplishing the personal goals
  • Utilizing employees’ skill in an efficient manner
  • Enhancing job satisfaction of the employees

Q9- Mention the procedure for the selection of employees.

Ans- The selection of the employees involves the following procedures:

  • Screening
  • Test
  • Personal Interview
  • Background checks
  • Selection decision
  • Medical examination
  • Job offer
  • Employment contract

Q10- Is this statement true or false?. ‘Staffing is for higher performance by putting the right person on the right job’

Ans- True

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