CBSE 12th Psychology Board Exam 2020: Check Important MCQs with Answers

CBSE Class 12 Psychology board exam is on 22nd February 2020. Students who are on their last-minute revision can check the important MCQ of class 12 Psychology. These questions are taken from the NCERT textbook and the latest Psychology Sample Paper.

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CBSE Class 12 Psychology MCQ
CBSE Class 12 Psychology MCQ

CBSE class 12 Psychology board exam 2020 is scheduled to be on 22nd February 2020. Students with this subject must already have started their last-minute revision. The 70 marks theory exam will consist of long questions as well as MCQ’s. Check some of the important MCQ’s questions taken from the NCERT textbook as well as the latest Psychology Sample paper. Prepare from the given questions and score well in the CBSE class 12 Psychology board exam 2020.

Q-The school dramatics team is in the final stage of presenting their play. Identify the stage of group formation the team is at.

  1. Forming
  2. Storming
  3. Norming
  4. Performing

 Ans- Performing

CBSE Board Exam 2020: Check Important Questions & Answers for Class 12 Psychology

Q-_____________ means that your behavioral expressions are consistent with what you value, the way you feel and relate to your inner self-image. (a) empathy

(b) positive regard

(c) self-concept

(d) authenticity 

Ans- Authenticity

 Q-Children with high _________ self-esteem is more liked by their peers.

a) academic

b) athletic

c) physical appearance

d) social

Ans- Social

Q-Ramya is being provided with books and uniforms by the school. Identify the kind of support that she is receiving.

a) Informational Support

b) Tangible Support

c) Emotional Support

d) Positive Support

 Ans- Tangible Support

Q-Ramesh is aspiring to head his company. He is very motivated and works hard. However, he is unable to relax and feels he is always short on time. This is an example of______ personality.

a.Type B

b.Type A  

c.Type D  

d.Type C

Ans- Type A

Q-Choose the features of attitudes from the options given below:

a) Extremeness and Centrality

b) A-B-C Components

c) Schemas and Stereotypes

d) Values and Beliefs

 Ans- Extrememeness and centrality

 Q-You were interviewed by your school selection team for the post of head boy/head girl. Identify the interpersonal distance in this situation.

a) Intimate distance

b) Public distance

c) Personal distance

d) Social Distance

 Ans- Social Distance

CBSE Class 12 Psychology Syllabus 2019-2020 (with Important Resources)

Q-Rohit believes he is a secret agent and that a network of spies communicates with him through messages sent directly into his head. Identify the type of delusion he is experiencing.

(a) Delusion of reference

(b)Delusion of control

(c) Delusion of grandeur

(d) Delusion of persecution

 Ans- Delusion of Control

Q-The Nazis committed atrocities against the Jews. This is an example of _______

a) Prejudice

b) Discrimination

c) Stereotype

d) Scapegoating

 Ans- Discrimination


Q-When people attribute failure to task difficulty they are referring to the following factors:

(a) External, stable

(b) Internal, stable

(c) External, unstable

(d) Internal, unstable

 Ans- External, Unstable

Q-Priya exhibits strong aggressive tendencies but often complains of other people acting in an excessively aggressive way. Identify the defense mechanism:

(a) Rationalisation

(b) Reaction formation

(c) Denial

(d) Projection

 Ans- Projection

Q-Radhika is frustrated and is crying, as she has not prepared well for her examination. The coping strategy that she is using to deal with this stress is:

(a) Avoidance oriented

(b) Task-oriented

(c) Problem-focused

(d) Emotion oriented

 Ans- Emotion Oriented

Q-Cohesion amongst group members can interfere with effective leadership and lead to disastrous decisions. This process is called:

(a) Cohesiveness

(b) Groupthink

(c) Polarization

(d) Conflict

 Ans- Groupthink

Q-__________ is an example of negative attitude towards people.

(a) Prototype

(b) Stereotype

(c) Discrimination

(d) Prejudice

 Ans- Prejudice

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