CBSE Class 12th English Model Test Paper 2015

The CBSE experts at Jagran Josh have framed a Model Test Paper for CBSE Class 12 English subject for the Board Exams. The Model Test Paper has been prepared with a fully dedicated and strict approach towards the Assessment pattern followed by CBSE.

Created On: Feb 28, 2015 14:56 IST

The experts at Team Jagran Josh have framed the Model Test Paper for English subject which strictly follows the Board pattern of CBSE Class 12 for the year 2015. The Model Test Paper is extremely beneficial for the Class 12 Students appearing for their respective examinations in 2015.

A few Questions from this Model Test Paper are given below:

Q. Come August and the headlines such as 'Fresher Ragged’, ‘How safe are freshers’ hit the major national dailies. Ishita/Ishant, a prospective DU student writes a letter to the editor of a local daily, expressing concern about the incidents of ragging and mental harassment which lead
to loss of confidence and depression among freshers.

Q. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow.

Perhaps the Earth can teach us
as when everything seems dead
and later proves to be alive.
Now I'll count upto twelve
and you keep quiet and I will go.

(a) What can Earth teach us?
(b) What does ‘Everything seems dead’ imply?
(c) What will keeping quiet help us to achieve?
(d) Name the poem and the poet.

Q. What change occurs in Saheb's life? Is it a change for the better or worse?

Q. How did the invisible man, Mr. Griffin meet his end?

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